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This is for hardcore classic gamers. If you are serious about building an arcade cabinet, an HTPC, or an awesome gaming setup, this is the video for you.  Parental Advisory for Language.  :)

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Thanks to Common Sense Media, I steered my 6 year old away from watching 'Jessie' on Disney, a show not appropriate for anyone under 11 as it contains stereotyping, some bullying, and sexual references.

Hello Writ-
Thank you for the invite. I am an occaisonal writer who loves to read. I have done some fiction in the past; but my passion seems to be writing commentary.
To those new writers, a bit of advice, if you are not reading as much if not more than what you are writing, you should.  Understanding different worlds, even genres you never delved into, will enrich your writing.

Post has attachment Ultra-low bandwidth Radio streaming. Must Love DnB, like me. ;) low-enough b/w so it won't trigger any alarms on your company auditing software (for those that have companies that do that). Peace,
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