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The Best Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas & South Rim
The Best Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas & South Rim


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Added photos to Is Maverick Helicopters the Right Tour Company For You?.

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Added photos to Is Papillon Helicopters the Right Grand Canyon Tour Company For You?.

Post has attachment Today's #hangout is a review of Papillon Helicopters and if it's the right choice for you when it comes to Grand Canyon flights. 

I start off with what makes Papillon different form the other helicopter companies. 

I move on and overview the kinds of tours that are available from Las Vegas and South Rim, which is Tusayan, AZ (Grand Canyon National Park Airport). 

I offer a number of tips including why you will save money if you plan ahead and leverage the Internet for your booking. 

I conclude with why Las Vegas Strip departures are more expensive but a much better value (in terms of convenience and quality). 

For more on Papillon's Grand Canyon tours, please visit: 

Have a GRAND day - Keith Kravitz

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Post has attachment  OK, in this Hangout I quickly share if Maverick Tours is the right company for you. 

There are a lot of choices when it comes to helicopter rides so being fully informed about your options is important. 

For me, Maverick gets two thumbs up. Of course, they're not for everyone, but if you are looking for a luxury, 5-star air tour, Maverick is the obvious choice. 

And the reasons why are many. 

For starters, the company only uses the superior EcoStar 130 helicopter. 

Then there are the issues of customer service, which is outstanding, and safety, which is impeccable. 

I also go into a bit more detail about the kind of tours Maverick offers from Las Vegas & South Rim and give you my 2 picks for best flights. 

Understand that Maverick is not the cheapest tour option. But if you want the best, you've got to pay for it. And in the case of Maverick, you get all that and much more!

Go here for special pricing and details on Maverick's flights:

Post has attachment < Full details on Mustang Helicopter tours. This video presentation is a quick overview about Mustang's flights to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. 

I go over what makes the company special and spotlight it's excellent fares. 

I discuss the type of aircraft used and where Mustang departs from. 

We go over the kinds of tours offered by Mustang. 

In sum, this review will give you a pretty good idea about what you're getting into so you'll know whether you want to fly Mustang or not. 

For complete details, please visit >

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