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Welcome to the Ready Beta Testers Community! First off, thanks for your interest in Ready. We're grateful for every comment, so please keep on submitting bugs, feature request or anything you like or don't like. And most of all: have fun using our app!

You can opt in to the beta at the following link. If the site is not working, please try again later, as it takes a while to activate.
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+Johnathan Hodges Sorry for the inconvenience! Sadly, we can't control this, but I've never seen a delay this long - please try to join the community again, hope that works!
+Ready  Joined now , can't access the PlayStore page nor PlayBoard :/ will wait some time , such good app deserve it :D
After applying to the community and waiting half an hour i finally can acces it on the play store :D
Can't opt in. Page says " Sorry - nothing to see here"
Works great on my phone...photo resolution is bad on contacts tho..possibly my issue?! =( amazing otherwise!! Great job
Good concept but needs improvement.
Lags on my phone, photo resolution is bad. Unable to get complete details of the contact. Will try for few days but first impression is not very good.
Ok im loving it so far , really adds flair to my contacts list, I was so tired of my boring default contacts list. So far as a beta it's awesome. 
Aung Oo
Would be better if there are colorful icons in place of call, mail, text and so on. In history cards, let us see how many mins I talk with that contact. If there is no photo for contact, instead of blank, please be colorful like google dialer. 
Awesome app, it has potential. One thing I'd like is Ready to take over native dialer. When I call someone, my S4 uses the Samsung native dialer. 
Awesome! Thanks for the tip. Are you seeing the collage of images when you first open the app? 
Downloaded to give it a test run. Would be better to have an option to select default dialer in non rooted phones. Like the default sms choice. 
Not 100% sure but i think the collage is actually like the call history..as there are only my most recent contacts showing up there
+Maxximus Rodriguez I thought that might be the case but I have received multiple calls since downloading and nothing is appearing there for me. 
when we tap any contact this app directly dials that contact, wouldn't it be much better if it opens that contact and let us decide weather we want to make a call, send a sms, or simply mail them.....
Its just a suggestion
one more thing there's no option for searching any contact directly. If I want to search for, let s say a contact named CONTACT, I've to goto C then keep on scrolling till CONTACT appears on my screen.
I like the way it looks, but where is the dialer? It looks like I have to use a separate dialer to make calls to people who aren't on my contact list. That's a deal breaker to have to use two apps to do one thing. 
+Chiver Ray its not recent calls but the contacts you have starred. A label on the top of the screen would have been nice ago you wouldn't have to figure it out.
+David Stokes Glad you like it! We are working on the dialer and will publish it within a day or two, stay tuned.
+David Stokes thanks for the suggestion, but I am still not seeing it. I have contacts that I have as favorites and they aren't showing up there. 
I like the app, and I have a moto g dual sim mobile. Cant use it as not showing any difference with an incoming call in either of the sim's. Knew that your app is completely new and wanted to know if there is a way that you have plans to include this feature in the future version?
Just wondering, why is it necessary for the app to view and manage my mail (permission for signing in with Google)? 
Should it take more than 9 hours to activate? Still can't download... 
Why should I give delete mail access? Add contact, calendar event and all OK but editing mail permission for a contact application?
It also wants permission to send emails. Seems strange.
Like it but I need more control over it. How do I delete recent calls? Need a settings page. Oh yeah I signed up and hit the play store on the same page took me 2 seconds to be a tester. I'll give it a while 
I've joined the beta testers group, but I am not able to download it from the play store, it says "the requested URL was not found on this server"
Been a day now and I still can't get the link to work. 
+Germano Lisboa  Please wait for a while and try again. The activation needs some time. Normally it only needs a few minutes.
I am trying to become a tester but non of the links work, like the app never existed, is this normal because of high traffic or is there a problem?
It need a t9 search to search soone easyly. And to call a number wich is not in my contacts. 
I can't find the link, i want to become a tester, please help
J Pan
I would love to be able to pull up options to text or email a person straight from the call history menu. Currently I can't do that. I first have to dial the person then hang up quickly the click on the person again to bring up the menu asking to text email meet... Not sure if that is a bug or done purposely. 
Sweet. I have got it. Took just a few minutes. Looks good. 
It's a beautiful app... No doubt about it... But it's just a call log replacement... I expected a elegant dialer as the app itself.... Do you honestly think people will carry your app for long without a dialer which should be great looking too... The app is good and works fine for a beta.... But needs a inbuilt dialer to replace the stock dialer or its no big deal. People will easily forget is beauty because they will be forced to use two different apps
How do I turn off vibration when I touch a letter to search?
+András Müller pls add the feature of prewritten msges...when u dont want to pic up the phone...also the dialer...add the option of theme if u can.....and change the icon n make it look like a dialer icon
I had to use chrome for it finally work. My main browser is opera and it wouldn't work on that. Try Chrome 
+András Müller for those unable to download, try using other browsers. Mine didn't work through Chrome but did through Samsung internet browser app. Finally! 
when i click on the link i get "Sorry - nothing to see here." from the play store?
Chances are you didn't actually sign up yet. If you go to the main link and it says become a tester (or whatever ) then you're not signed up. Try a different browser and click the link again until it says you are now a tester. 
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