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Carolyn Knapp-Shappey
CEO and Owner of MJN Air
CEO and Owner of MJN Air


Alright boys, flight to Athens tomorrow morning. Alternate is Milan. We leave at 6 AM. Any questions? 

All right, boys. We've got another job tomorrow. A big coal executive wants us to fly him and a crew out to the Svalbard to do God knows what. We'll leave at 5 AM tomorrow morning. The taxi will be at your houses at 3. Well, house, since as I understand it, Martin, you're staying at the Richardson house for the moment. 
So, anyways, Martin, you'll operate out, Douglas, you'll operate back. Our alternate is Bergan. Any questions. No? Good. 

GERT-I is mine. And so is MJN Air.  

Douglas, I rescheduled Tosca for tomorrow night. Would you mind driving Arthur and Arnold home after work.

Arnold, would you like to help Arthur steward next week? We're flying to St. Gallen. I've signed you up for that class in Ipswich. I can drive you there tomorrow.

Arthur has fully recovered, thank God. I have still forbad him from getting out of bed or doing anything, however. He shall be completely all right and non-contageous by tomorrow morning. The trip to Buenos Aries will commence tomorrow as planned. I plan to see all of you at my house at five am. On the dot! And bring your cases, obviously.

Martin, you are 10 minutes late! We're flying to Brussels today. What could you possibly be doing??
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