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Valerie Sisco
Adorn your life! I'm blogging about faith, family and decorating.
Adorn your life! I'm blogging about faith, family and decorating.

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It's the Dry Season
“Drought,” my niece said looking out the window of the car as we drove out of the neighborhood. “We’re in a drought.” “We are?” I looked to see what she was looking at.  It was just a green field, no brown patches, but I guess it was true that it hadn’t rai...

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When You Could Use Some Prior Knowledge
Now that I’ve returned from my trip to Rome, I’ve been combing through my photos {all 3,123 of them}, trying to pinpoint exactly what I took pictures of.  I recognize the major landmarks, of course, like the Colosseum and Vatican , but it’s the neighborhood...

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The Mysterious Wisdom of Nancy Drew
If favorite books are like good friends {and I think they are} , then Nancy Drew is one of my oldest and dearest friends. I grew up reading about her adventures, along with her fellow girl-detectives -- Trixie Belden, Cherry Ames and the Bobbsey Twins -- bu...

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When You're All Over the Map
I’m a miserable map-reader.  I suppose that’s why there’s Siri.  But she’s not always helpful to me and I get annoyed with her.  Just the other day when I asked her to take me home, she scolded me in a cheeky tone saying, “Valerie, I don’t know where home i...

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The Dirt Where Happiness Grows
I visited a goat farm in Umbria.  I'm not sure how a city girl like me keeps finding herself on goat farms but my third time to meet goats seems like two times too many for someone who doesn’t particularly love farms. But attired in my multi-pocketed goat-c...

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When in Rome
I never really wanted to visit Rome.  I love Paris since it's so pretty and I enjoy quieter parts of Italy, but Rome is such big city, difficult to navigate, with a reputation for a plethora of pickpockets.  I was worried about traveling there.  But I signe...

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All Roads Lead to Rome This Spring
I’ve never traveled during the spring.  My family always vacationed in the summer when I was growing up, and when I was in college I didn’t really get a spring break.  We had a week off from classes but were required to stay on campus for a conference. Back...

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That Takes the Cake
When I was in Paris a few years ago, I bought a tiny card at a paper store with an illustration of a girl carrying a big cake. I liked it because I’d always harbored a little idea of one day running a coffee and cake shop. It made sense to me since I like t...

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A Valentine's Day Tale
Once upon a time, a man wrote me a poem for Valentine’s Day. Although it sounds awfully romantic and should have been the stuff fairy tales are made of, the ode written in my honor wasn’t quite like that. Many moons ago I was a starry-eyed girl in my twenti...

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What's the One Thing You Can't Live Without?
There are so many things in this world to be concerned about, but these days I'm wrapped up in my own little world, worrying about a few things I can't live without. Like air, water and shelter.  The air conditioning system in my house needs replaced since ...
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