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Jake Gardner
A computerized Brony, who barely socializes online
A computerized Brony, who barely socializes online
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I just found and reported a typo on the Google Pixel C Page. 'Access' is misspelled. I feel like I have accomplished something today.

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Big Fruity Taste

Anyone interested in CM12 for e980? could work on others as well.

Is anyone interested in CM12 for e980? I built a (mostly) working zip, straight from cm sources.

I was able to build 4.4.2 for my e980, but The security option in settings seems to crash settings. Does anyone else have this issue?

So earlier I mentioned that I got my motherboard to work. Guess what happened just now. Broken again, this time with a large puff of bluish smoke and smoldering electronics. I just hope my processor and video card and power supply are okay.

So my new motherboard had two major issues:
number 1 - I sent in a version 2, received a version 1
number 2 - the bios was corrupt and there is no recovery documentation - only forums.
Also version one and two have different bios files, so thinking I have one version could have been disastrous. 
Luckily spec wise one and two are almost the same.

Also Rollover cables - used for ONE purpose. Cisco... I guess it stops people who don't know networking from trying to use the console port...

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