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From the Archives I: 1972
20-minute French programme on Scientology from 1972 includes
interviews with some key figures from the movement. Can you help
name some of the other members interviewed? Here's
a little gem that turned up during a rummage around the website of

Bonjour. J'essaie de localiser la prison de Kunduz pour un graphique. Je ne la trouve pas indiqué sur les cartes. Est-ce que qq'un peut me donner des conseils pour géolocaliser en utilisant les photos/vidéos d'hier?

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Libération newspaper sounds the alarm over what appears to be France's lack of commitment to tackling the problem of cults in general -- and Scientology in particular.

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The second part of my investigation into the Gloria Lopez affair.

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Tracing Danielle Ambert: the Lopez Affair II
French police trying to locate three Scientologists for questioning over the 2006 suicide of Gloria Lopez got little help from the movement's officials. But at least one of them has maintained her links with Scientology. Scientologists told French police in...

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Hats off to cartoonist and illustrator Tignous, one of the victims of Wednesday's attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris -- and a veteran of the Scientology beat.

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Terrific demolition of Scientology's inflated membership claims from former member Jeff Hawkins, who is well-placed to judge these matters.

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Here's the quick-and-painless version of today's post at Infinite Complacency, just in case you couldn't face all that legal stuff (I almost lost the will to live writing it).

I knew there was a point to Twitter.

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Up now at Infinite Complacency, "Russia had it coming", an analysis of why Scientology's critics should accept the three European Court of Human Rights rulings backing the movement against Russia.

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A revised, expanded version of last week's Underground Bunker piece on the ECHR ruling over at Infinite Complacency, examining its implications in more detail.
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