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Life in the Slot
The older we pilots get, the more we think of ourselves
as lucky—or even providentially pardoned—to have made it this far, and we vow
to back farther away from the edge of aviation’s abyss. Now grandchildren
capture our fancy more than airplanes do, and we ...

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Equipment Failures/People Failures/Disappointments and Regrets
I haven't written much in many months. That needs to change. Writing is healing and I need some healing . The house is quiet. As I sat here trying to put wo r ds together I heard the drone of a radial engine over the valley in front of my house. Its tone ro...

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He was as good as dead, I thought. He would never come
back. I rarely saw him in the years after the crash, but when I
did he appeared ever more gaunt, emaciated and frail. The brief visits I had
with him—which usually were happenstance encounters in our sm...

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Thanks, Dave W, for your suggestion. Here it is: Do you remember that 1960s American TV sitcom named “ My Three Sons ”? You probably don’t. Here’s
a clip: My Three Sons . William Frawley played the role of “ Bub .” Frawley was better known as “ Fred ” in “I...

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Mongoose Part V
The long holding pattern over Lake Winnebago turned into an
hour, and still there was no word from OSH tower as to when we would be allowed
to land. Guys began to complain about running low on fuel. Mongoose ordered a
fuel check. Each of the 12 aircraft rep...

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Mongoose Part III
Mongoose and I breakfasted at the college cafeteria,
which was full of pilots and airshow attendees, then caught the shuttle to the
field. I had an hour to kill before the briefing so I called some old buddies
who I knew were there. Five guys from my pilot ...
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