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Custom College Visits
Personalized Custom Designed College Tours & On-campus Arrangements
Personalized Custom Designed College Tours & On-campus Arrangements

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Janice Caine Founder of Custom College Visits was quoted extensively in this NY Times Travel Section article on College Visits.

5 Tips on How to Make College Tours Fun Instead of Grueling

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Custom College Visits Gets A Shout Out in a New Book About Finding the Right Colleges

Brentwood, CA based company Custom College Visits has been identified by author Hélène Tragos Stelian as a resource for students and families that need assistance planning college visits.

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If you have students on a college campus, please urge them to read the Campus Security web page and make sure all methods of contact are in the campus Emergency Notification System (ENS). Most college‘s ENS systems are opt-in, which means it is voluntary. Some colleges use the student’s email, but text and phone are the most reliable communication paths. These days colleges plan for active shooter scenarios, but if our students are not informed then they could walk into the line of fire.
There are two blogs on this website that might be of interest to you and your student. 
Being a Stakeholder in Your Safety and Security
Will Your Teen be Safe on Campus

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There’s something about visiting a college’s campus that lets your teen understand its real personality.  

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 TravelAge West article featuring Custom College Visits
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College Visit Tip: Planning a college campus visit? Search Google for "Sites around (college)". This will provide information about the surrounding area. 

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Concerned about your teen's social media. Check out our friends at:
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Planning a #CollegeVisit?  Strike up conversations with students you see, peek your head into a classroom, and take a spin around the library.

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More often then not, it is the #Mom of a #college bound teen who calls us for assistance. #Collegevisits  
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