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#RelianceSCADA  has a wonderful installation at a luxurious residence in Corfu. The residence is full of #HomeAutomation and #SmartHome systems. The visualization and control of these systems is provided by Reliance SCADA.

More information can be found on the Reliance SCADA website here: 

Dear Reliance SCADA friends,

On friday, the #Reliance SCADA system, version 4.6.2, was released.

This version brings a lot of new features and enhancements. For example, support for the MySQL and MariaDB database systems, a new component for displaying and specifying gas composition – Elgas Gas Composition component or the possibility for quick filtering within selection dialog boxes and managers, and many many more...

See the full changelog here:

Or download the current version from here:

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Dear Reliance users and fans,

Want to learn how to log historical data and alarms/events of the #Reliance SCADA/HMI system to the MySQL and MariaDB database systems?

If so, read this technical article that has been published on the Reliance website:

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Dear Reliance SCADA fans and users,

On the Reliance SCADA website, a new success story description has been published.

The success story describes how the Reliance SCADA provides the visualization and control of power unit processes at a small biomass power plant in Kolin, Czech Republic.

More information here:

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The final results of the Reliance Success Story Awards 2013 competition have been published on the #Reliance #SCADA website.

The 2013 competition has met with great success. In total, fourteen installations have entered the competition. Seven of them were carried out in the Czech Republic, the other were implemented in the Netherlands, Estonia, Iran, Serbia, and Spain. 

More information here:

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Hi Reliance SCADA fans,

I would like to inform you about a new language version of the Reliance leaflet. Today, an Indonesian version of the leaflet was published on the Reliance website.

You can find the Indonesian version of the leaflet here:

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A nice technical article about new tag data types for working with dates and times in the Reliance system, has been published on the Reliance website.

Beginning with version 4.6.1, Reliance  SCADA features three new data types – Date, Time, and TimeSpan (amount of time).

If you are interested, read this article: 

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On the Reliance website, a short review on the Reliance SCADA participation in the GAS & HEATING CHINA 2013 exhibition has been published.

If you are interested, read the review here:

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There are plenty of road underpasses in Instanbul, Turkey. In spring and fall, when Istanbul gets heavy rains, some of them may get flooded.

To prevent such disasters from happening, a brand new flood protection system has been installed. Reliable visualization and control is provided by #Reliance SCADA.

Read the success story here:

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#RelianceSCADA enables you to display a KML file on Google Maps in a visualization window. This feature may come handy whenever you need to display geographic data in a map.

To learn how to insert the map with KML data into  a Reliance visualization window, read the following FAQ:
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