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Fábio Emilio Costa
Linux, Free Software, RPG , Fate, EMACS, Rugby, Indycar, Doctor Who, Cosplay, Photography, Harry Potter... Yep, this is me! 🇧🇷🇺🇲
Linux, Free Software, RPG , Fate, EMACS, Rugby, Indycar, Doctor Who, Cosplay, Photography, Harry Potter... Yep, this is me! 🇧🇷🇺🇲


I was thinking today... How the post-Event society deals with capital sentence? Think on it: you take a criminal and try to execute him... But this can trigger a breakthrough. Using lethal injection, maybe could even result on a psychotic breakthrough.

Now, I understand how difficult both events could be, but society would accept the odds involved?

Just some food for thought

I need some ideas for good English NPCs to be guest Stars into a Weird World News adventure. Any tips?

PS: the players will be Brazilians
PS2: The Doctor is one possibility

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An update I did on my old toon setting for Fate, strongly based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Any comments are welcomed.

1st Toontown PD - Fate of the Saturday Comics - HackMD

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Finally, my review of Fate Horror Toolkit was published. Unfortunately, Portuguese only (by now - soon I'll publish the English version on my personal blog). This was written for a Brazilian RPG blog called Dungeon Geek, organized by the people that created and manage this local RPG monthly encounter

Edit: here is my translation for the review on my personal blog -

I know Turtl is being somewhat rewritten... But any news on a beta of the new version?

Trying to install Antergos. CNCHI shows an error message saying it can't download the file mirrorlist, no matter the options I set on the mirror option. Anyone else with the same problem?

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My first Dresden Files Accelerated, and I have a little doubt on how to describe the Kringle's Seneschal : how 'elvish' they are? Or they look like common people and so? For now I'm describing him somewhat like in Santa Clause

Joshua "Santa Josh" Kristoffersen - HackMD

A doubt about Sparks

When using it to world build, the GM accounts as a player? For example, the GM adds media and so also? Or this is all for the players?

Loose Threads doubt here

When an alchemist do his magic, if I understood rightly, first he rolls for preparing the potion/salve/etc (probably by Crafts) and then roll for Alchemy to do the magic... Right? Or I misunderstood something?

As the Do campaing I was had gone on an indefinite hiatus, I want to start a new campaing on Fate. Potential settings : Young Centurions, Nest, Loose Threads, Good Neighbors.

Platform Discord, timezone UTC-3 (Brazil), Sunday afternoons /evenings, every 15 days. I'm okay with new players. Interested, please post here
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