First off, thank you for joining this community.  I started this group thinking a few friends might join, and lo and behold, we have over 1,000 members.  Ooh freaking rah!

Now, as a Marine and member of this community, I am asking a question about what people feel are their personal responsbilities with regards to protecting their workplaces from hackers.  For this group it's an appropriate question - our mission was security.  But does this continue as we leave active duty?  If it does, do we feel that we are part of the "security apparatus" that must protect our firms from cyber evil-doers?

The survey I am running is at, and if you decide to complete all the information, you have a very good chance to win a Microsoft Surface 3.

Note that I, Christian Anschuetz, am running this survey. This is not a bogus "win an iPad" scam.

Read my recent blog on the WSJ site at to get the background on the premise of the survey.

Thank you Marines, and as always, Semper Fi.
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