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I still believe smart is the best, but it seems he use volume to detect trend. How is this is possible ?

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I have forward test this for about 3 weeks...what i can say...SMART rock with truetrendline.....PAID! :)

TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator v1.5 (detailed user's guide)

With the exisitng of SV..we dont really have too depend on Smart Background...SV can be used indepently with Smart i right James/Chuck ?

My chart time over the weekend...i found smart selling and smart buying at 4H is most powerful with fibonachi confirmation...speechless..

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Guys, anyone who Free, do me  favour on checking this data.
This is Daily OIL. Check it out, comparison between FxPrimus and FxPro.
This is based on D1 trade. Help me to backtest and let's share each other. We going to use based on this post only. Thank you, appreciate assistance.

Anyone using fxprimus for charting...although i'm using fxpro for charting..but my live wit fxprimus..often i found it seems perform better at fxprimus..anyone can help me to observe this too..

I refer to 2 indicator:
Smart Zones & Smart Zones MTF, which one is the latest ?

And how do i hide all the text for Smart Zones MTF ....example, 'Hail the smart zone', Smart Zone Upper in text and smart zone lower in text. I just want to have the zone and the line itself. Thanks all :)

I like today useful discussion...i would like to understand more on the volume now..James, Chuck, Jim..pls help n the rest..pls share ur finding too ;)

What is the meaning of:
-Climax High
-Climax Churn
-High Churn

And which one is more powerful ?

Appeciate if anyone can share screenshot of Mt. Fuji Fakeout and which pair. I tried to search frm backtest, can find anypair. Anyone can pls share. Either Mt. Fuji Fakeout or Reverse Mt. Fuji Fakeout will do. Any in what market Mt. Fuji Fakeout will appear and in what market Reverse Mt. Fuji Fakeout will appear ?

Effort to fall is seen as a wide spread down-bar, closing on the lows, with
increased volume. The volume should not be excessive, as this will show that there is also buying involved in the move.

Question: Sometimes i'm a bit confuse with the name, the remarks in bracket is strength means for buy. And need to confirm with vbs, but why the name is to fall ?

What does it means with the volume should not be excessive here? How do we measure volume in this context ? What is the meaning if effort to fall with high volume?

And what does it means with effort to fall with low volume?

And what if effort to fall comes with high churn orn selling climax? Oh sorry so many question, can someone help me with some 'light' pls. Thanks guys.
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