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Now back in form ! Full beds :)

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Flat beds, freshly gifted ! Mattresses out in the Sun ...

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Greetings received from China for this Ugadi ! With thanks :)

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When in the middle of
All the chaos
That I looked up
At the windshield
On the way to
My hometown Warangal
By road that ran like
A giant serpent
Crawling very fast
To catch its prey ...

I found, to my startling,
A soft young lazy bird
That was seated
On top of a thin twig
That looked brazen
And without leaves
Like in the middle of
Autumn or winter ...

The mere look of
A pleasant softness
In the peeping
Soft tiny eyes
Told me that there
Was a touch of royal
Humble Highness
To this bundle of feathers ...

At the far end of
The horizontal line
Stretching away
Across the plains
Drawn from the very
Bird's eye view ...

One could find that
There lay sadness
And being forlorn
At loss of a loved one
That played and frolicked
With her in fun ...

To my hurried self
It appeared as if
I should halt by a jolt
And rush out of the doors ...

To caress and calm down
This thing of sweetness
That lay siege to all hearts
At sunrise every morn ...

But my life's
Hard-pressed hurry through

Just dragged me on,
Endlessly, lifelessly ...

So that I swept past

The most hearty song of life !

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A novel way of threading together rose petals into a garland, first of it's kind in my experience ... (Requires a lot of effort, skill, and acumen !)

Used, usually, I presume, for garlanding the gods during worship ...

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