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One Focus
I'm a restless at heart. I have the best intentions to relax and enjoy life, but also really have a hard time with relaxing. I always have. According to my mom, I kicked naps from an early age (because I "didn't want to miss anything") and to this day I fee...

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A reset button please?
Not to be a "Debbie downer," but there are some days that I feel like I'm constantly failing. Do you ever have those? Where every few minutes it seems like there is some new stressor, a new puddle of sticky baby food goo on the floor, or another fire to put...

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I've been procrastinating about this for awhile, but here's a blog post with a life update. Stay tuned for a new blog look and more posts! 

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Changes and Discovery
It's insane how time flies! I am now a mother of 2, and I turned 27 last week. It's weird how it doesn't feel all that different. I mean, I guess I'm closer to 30, but 27 seems so...boring compared to other milestones. In the few moments of quiet that I hav...

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Think twice, please.
Judging. We've all done it, whether we mean to or not. Let's just be honest -- we don't appreciate it when people do it to us, so why do we do it to others? It seems to affect all areas of our lives, but since I've become a parent, I feel it more acutely (o...

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Must-Have Baby Products
As promised, here are some more of my favorite baby products. I really try to go minimal as far as products and gadgets are concerned (I don't like much clutter/paying for it). However, there are some things that I have definitely learned make life easier a...

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Valentine's Day Healthier Cookies
Happy Valentine's Day, every one!  We have a full day of play dates today, so of course we need some easy, kid-friendly snacks that we can munch on throughout the day. These are some stand-by cookies in our house when we have old bananas to use up, and not ...

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Toddler-Friendly Veggie Muffins
Just like many of you out there, I've had to be creative with cooking healthy meals for our family, which hasn't always been well-received by my greatest food critic, my little toddler. Do you have a picky eater? I feel like the word "toddler" is synonymous...

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Baby Product Reviews: Carriers
Baby product reviews are one of the many things I’ve wanted to do since we first had a
baby. Well, Joel is over one
year old, and I’m finally getting to it! It goes without saying that we all
have different experiences with these products, which is why I wo...

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Not another post about how difficult parenting is...
Recently, I read an article by a fellow mommy-blogger who pointed out that there are many articles written by parents about how hard parenting is. This blogger herself admits that she is someone who has complained in numerous posts about her life as a paren...
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