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Post-Neanderthal Analogue Synthesists
Post-Neanderthal Analogue Synthesists

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Be a part of a live video shoot this Friday night with us. Details on the event page here:
Remember the first time you saw the Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit video on MTV? The kids on the bleachers tapping their toes to the strumming of guitars? How fun and care free life was? Well fear not! This is your chance to live the dream of becoming a video shoot extra. To be one of the few exclusive people who were there on that day... Only not in a Nirvana video. And it won't be on MTV. And also we won't have cheerleaders and pom poms.
Instead, it will be you with some other people, watching 3 grown men in masks play synthesizers and smash on drums at a shoe store. Either way, let's get it done.

Free Show / All Ages / Doors at 9
Arrive early or lose your spot.
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