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Catholic Hermit Returns to More Spiritual Reading
In addition to balancing the beauty and goodness with life with simply and humbly enjoying life that God creates and gives, this nothing Catholic hermit is today beginning once again doing more spiritual reading.   A spiritual friend across the miles had in...

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Christ Is Risen! And He Lifts Us with Him!
This nothing consecrated Catholic hermit does not want to leave off with any self-motives or impressions that this Holy Week or this most glorious day of Easter is anything less than monumentally invaluable or lacking in serious propensity. Today is one of ...

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Catholic Hermit (and All of Us) Await Resurrection!
Holy Saturday!  Tomorrow is Easter Resurrection!  I'm reminding as many spiritual friends who contact this nothing consecrated Catholic hermit, no matter their message, that we will find great joy and relief tomorrow--after what has been a typically gruelin...

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Catholic Hermit: Toiling's Reward
Saturday last brought yet another trip to civilization to a walk-in clinic since I'd not had success getting an appointment during the week.  The large medical conglomerates leave much to be desired in efficiency and just pricing.  However, at least this ti...

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Catholic Hermit Loves Jesus' Look to Heaven
I love the Gospel of John.  Within, yesterday's Mass Gospel including the Lazarus event with Martha and Mary, and Jesus' bringing Lazarus back from death.   When Jesus looks to the heavens (and I imagine Him lifting His hands up, as well), it reminds me of ...

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Catholic Hermit's Temporary Bail-out
The reality of what hermits live out might seem surprising to many.   I recall in the second year of my hermit vocation (vows over 16 years ago), I was for short time in an upstart Catholic hermit community that followed the Carthusian template.  So when it...

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Catholic Hermit: Another Snafu
Lots going on here.  Still very ill but not inclined to try another trip to civilization and the cost of lung xrays as I'm on an antibiotic and will let it run its course to see if improving, for an xray would only show if anything that I need an antibiotic...

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Catholic Hermit Reconsiders Praise of God
The couple who brings me Communion on Sunday mornings has returned from their near-month-long mystery trip.  Yesterday morning they brought His Real Presence in the consecrated Host, and I'm the blessed recipient of their kindness in doing so. They also fel...

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Catholic Hermit: Because of God
The illness that has taken now nearly three weeks' bite out of Lent, continues with progress, albeit quite slow.  Yesterday I pushed the body to carefully mark and drill six holes in cabinets in order to install four knobs.  The pull which was to affix thro...

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Catholic Hermit's Scripture Prayer This Day in Lent
I read today's first Mass reading from Deuteronomy and made it my own plea to the Lord God.  I'm into the third week of sinus and lung illness, thinking I've made progress one day to have more coughing the next, with the head still jammed and much weakness ...
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