Hopes and dreams, dances in the minds, angels on earth, angles of host of angels in the air, goodness and mercy, gifts to share. Hell Fires, Burning Lights.Jewish Wales, Hopes and dreams, dances in the minds, Butts And Donkeys. Steers and Queers, party and play with Steven Jarrot,7608512267 hats and wigs, horns to hide, dances with freaks, dances in the dark, ships of fools to sail, lives on the sands of time. dream partner for life?
Turning the pages for the party and play crews in Upland, Venturs, Indio, Palm Springs, and the beaches in the middle of the road. Fun and games for Penny Moore not a penny less, songs to sing about dazes in hell, happy and gay lifestyle of the saints and sinners in the Jarrot Super-size Whales, gifts from the center of the earth. Peace and love by the sea, with gifts for the six faces that flash during the day, and the other 7 faces or masks for the night.

Fruits and nuts to go, games to play in Upland for the holiday season, parked in RV waiting for the cattle crossing.
Marines instructors under investigation after death of Muslim recruit. Raheel Siddiqui died in March, days after arriving at a US Marines training facility in Parris Island, S.C. Fifteen Marine drill.
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