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Kimberly ann
Lover of Yehushua, people, animals, laughter, honesty, and forgiveness!
Lover of Yehushua, people, animals, laughter, honesty, and forgiveness!

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Definitive: BHO=fake BC, (fraud), Muslim and tribe of Dan (Jewish descendant Antichrist) Pale horse rider, will kill millions plus , married to man (lied) behind Turkey ambassador murder ,NATO spy, and the United Nations Beast and much more in codes. Time is very short. I feel sick. His name actually translates from the Hebrew, lightening from the heights (of the sky) 

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Wow. I have just spent the best hour or so listening to what may likely happen next on the world stage in Bible prophecy, and then maybe after that, and then... Just when I was sure he was going in one direction he surprised me and said was I was hoping he would. And he said, "I don't know," about three different times. You don't hear that everyday. I appreciate this pastor so very much. 

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Good work Russia and Syria! The American emperor has no clothes. Finally.
American, Israeli, Saudi, British and Qatar backed "rebels" defeated.
Never thought I would be cheering Russian and Syrian military over my own.
Truth comes to light. 

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Excellent info on Revelation 12 sign (constellation we see now where Jupiter enters Viro's abdomen and circles within it for nine months). We are in the season of the Lord's return. 

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Wow. Finding sweet stuff today. My 50th birthday video from cousin Ryan and Aunt Judy for me 2008 I think. Greenville SC is too far from Bend, Or. Feels like family is a childhood memory.
I love when I arrive from far away and they pretend to ignore me during second song.
Look sons. I had family once--the best too. Three thousand miles is too far away. What a sweet and precious time. I was soooo blessed. Wow. Almost doesn't seem like that life really happened. I appreciate this movie so much. 

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Enjoying a memory from 2012 I think. Travis, before long, beautiful waves of shoulder-length blondness. A very good memory. Found it just reviewing my profile.
Maybe there ate more good memories in here....

Grateful for my time with my sons and lifelong friend Vicki.

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Wonderful day in Eugene 28th Vicki

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The greatest message of hope--given 30 years before computers were in homes--it's funny to hear him describe things that hadn't been invented. Great last days outpouring of God. You will get so much hope from this word.

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Hello.  The beginning to the end is off to a bad start,...bad for investors, like predicted.  When Monday comes, maybe before then, (world wide markets don't close on Sunday) and the truth becomes obvious for all to see, remember it is not to late for any and all who have a fear of God in them, to repent and return to the Lord.  He is the way, the truth, and the life.  Rosh Hashanah end pacific time Wednesday at 1 a.m. Might we all the loud trump of God and meet Him in the air?  Some joy, I suppose.  I grieve for those who won't be in the wedding.  Love to you all if you know me.
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