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William Butler
Author of the novels Bang and The House of Balestrom
Author of the novels Bang and The House of Balestrom


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Supernova By Delano Roberts
SUPERNOVA BY DELANO ROBERTS When nineteen year old Noelle falls in love with her best friend’s crush, musician James Cash, she is sent down a turbulent road to her destruction. With a past of abandonment from her parents to ex-boyfriends, she’s unaware of w...

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"223 Teenage girls being held captive in Nigeria by Religious fundamentalists who believe it is a sin to educate girls! They are being sold as brides in the market place. This insanity has to stop! What is the US government doing about this? #bringourgirlsback #revolutionoflove" -Madonna

I wrote this when I lived in NY. Going through the past brings up painful memories.

Will You Look at Me

Hey, will you look at me
I called to you and you looked away
That was a mistake
What are you--ashamed?
Am I moving up/out/around in circles?
I need to know.

Don't stare too long in the dark
Your eyes may adjust but
You're still blind
I have light inside me
I watched as you tried to put me out
I'm rising now
I'm standing on my two feet
I'm marching out

Look at me/See my face
You want to know me
But you can't reach far enough to care
I took my place by your side
- Your smile was deception
I placed my warm hands to calm your demons
-Your words were never right
I stored your secrets away like treasures lost at sea
- You lied-lied-lied
And all I got from you was shame

Don't get me wrong
I don't need your heart
I don't need your approval
I just want your truth
But this bullshit is an obstacle
It pulls you down roads and scares you with lies

Hello, will you look at me

By William Butler

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"Having an Iconic Moment in the studio with Toby-Mozilla and S1. My throat hurts from singing laughing and crying. #artdorfeedom" - Madonna

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Help make this happen!!

Par William Butler

Langue étrangère.
Finger toucher ma colonne vertébrale.
Tenue à proximité.
Mis de côté.
Gauche incompris.

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