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Evolutionary biologists say they have figured exactly which dance moves catch a woman's eye.
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In other news. Riverdancing classes have become extremely popular on college campuses....
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Fred Sullivan

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Fred Sullivan

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What would you do if someone played an elaborate and disturbing prank like this on you?  What should you do?  If the laws of physics seem to break down, and unpleasant magic seems to invade the universe... what's your best strategy?

I think the best thing is to run away, fast.  After all, even if it's a trick, there's no way to know where it will stop!  And there's not much benefit in staying around to find out.  If other people survive, they'll be glad to tell you.

In practice, most people seem to freeze and watch in horror... backing away just slightly... not enough to do much good.

In classical logic, an inconsistency implies anything, so if you ever discover 2+2=5, all bets are off: it follows, for example, that you can fly!  In more flexible paraconsistent logic, a single contradiction doesn't bring down the whole system.  But it's always hard to decide what to do when a seemingly impossible thing happens - or even something highly improbable.  Usually it's a 'trick' of some sort.  But a very elaborate trick means that someone has done a lot of work to make strange things happen... so it's hard to predict what they'll do next. 
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Fred Sullivan

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The email  I sent to the whitehouse today. 

Regarding Syria. 

I have doubts this will reach anyone of consequence but I will try again to reach your team as my wife has encouraged me to do since the cause is important. 

When I was younger I created a website for the Coalition for an International Criminal Court to try crimes against humanity. The court now exists and tries cases. I once interview the chief prosecutor of the court Louse Ocampo a strong prosecutor whom indicted Omar Bashir the sitting head of the Sudan's government just after that he visited the security council for resources to back this.

He said just because I sit here the world has changed before the Russians entered Georgia they check with court the Chinese generals have check into see that their policy's comply . The US had a big hand in creating this great court. We have not currently signed and ratified but it does operate with respect of most nations of the world. We have not backed this due to false concerns of a threat to our sovereignty but the court is set such that a nations justice system always can be used if it is sufficient to try such crimes of humanity if they where committed by it's leaders. 

You have an opportunity to back this court and the international rule of law instead of war. The inspectors have found that the government with it's commander in chief has used chemical weapons against it's own civilian population. It is crime against humanity. It is not our place when there is a court to bomb directly as punishment but to back the conduct of a lawful and humanitarian operation to arrest the responsible. 

The proposal to congress should be this. A team should be sent to arrest the commanders and presidents for the court backed with force if there is resistance.

Please consider this action as the proposed action for international law and prospects of human rights because in war all suffer but most often women, children and peaceful men.
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Fred Sullivan

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 If you really want to fulfill that new years resolution to get that business going you always dreamed of!workshops/c46c a friend and need critical skills on getting clients, branding and getting paid this is the way to do it!
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thanks so much Fred for the mention!  I appreciate it!  Anyone who comes to any of the FutureLAB courses this week, please introduce yourself as Fred's friend--I want to meet you and help you with your business!
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Fred Sullivan

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20 ft. Croc? I am glad it's alive and well in the Philippines! Not in the storm sewers or rivers of NYC.

              lolong the biggest crocodile in the world

Giant Crocodile Breaks Size Record—Suspected in Fatal Attacks
Lolong(Giant Crocodile),Philippines, has hit the big time—at 20.24 feet (6.17 meters) long, the saltwater crocodile is officially the largest in captivity, the Guinness World Records announced recently.
YouTube : lolong the biggest crocodile in the world
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Wow one big croc......
          Just stopped by to say hi..... 
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Fred Sullivan

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If you want some value this out!
 I’m one of the first people offering personalized, expert help over live video through a new Google product called Helpouts. 
Helpouts makes it easier to get help right when you need it, wherever you are. 
I’m offering help with Email Marketing and invite you to check out my Helpout: If you know someone else who you think might benefit from my expertise, please forward them this link.
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When we think about climate, we tend to think about the atmosphere.  But it's important to also think about the ocean, since water holds more heat than air - and also lots of carbon dioxide!

“Our chapter on the Oceans shows that warming of the oceans accounts for more than 90% of the energy stored by the climate system over the last 50 years. Sea levels have risen by 0.19 m since 1901, with more rapid rise in recent decades. Changes in ocean salinity show that precipitation and evaporation over the oceans has changed. The oceans have slowed climate change by absorbing about 30% of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activities, but this has come at the cost of ocean acidification.“

That's a quote of Steve Rintoul, one of the lead authors of the chapter on oceans in the new IPCC report on climate change.  He also says:

"After 4 years, multiple drafts, assessment of more than 10,000 published studies, and preparing written responses to more than 50,0000 reviewer comments, it is a little hard to believe the assessment is now complete."

So, I hope you read some of the report instead of just reading what other people say about it.  The whole report is coming out on Monday September 30, and you'll be able to find it at this link!  But for the first part, Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis, you can already read the Summary for Policymakers.
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Fred Sullivan

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Why not know the dimensions. Much faster than trial an error.
Google+ Post Dimensions...always a great thing to have on hand!

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Fred Sullivan

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What non-profits can learn from a website experiment conducted by the good folks at Etsy?  Lots!  Read on, friends.
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