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Paul School
Researcher, dreamer, believer.
Researcher, dreamer, believer.


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I think this really happened...

I was in Big Sur over the weekend, deep in the woods. It was about 1:00pm. Devra walked up to me. She looked radiant. I tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't, or perhaps couldn't, express herself. She seemed discombobulated, confused. She spoke of the lost. The scattered.

She took my hand and led me to a clearing. I was surrounded there by beams of light. Dozens, at least. She looked at them, and I think I could read her lips as she mouthed the words 'my friends.' I looked back at the clearing, and I felt as though many more of 'her friends' had appeared. I wasn't wrong. More appeared, and then more still. A hundred, it seemed, there were so many.

Then, four doors opened all around us. No, there more than that, twice as many. Her 'friends' began to run toward the doors.

Devra looked at me. She seemed grateful.

Then, it was all gone. The clearing. Devra. Everything.

I was alone in Big Sur. I checked my watch. It was 1:15. Only fifteen minutes had passed, a single moment, but it had felt like hours.

What is happening to me? Am I losing my mind?
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As promised, I spent some time thinking about the implications of what I heard the other night: +Devra Bogdanovich and +Stein Lightman speaking to each other during my meditation.

The events of #Shōnin led to Devra reforming (for lack of a better word). Her scattered XM Shards re-unified, and her memory, identity and persona were once again contained within the single network of living energy we call Devra Bogdanovich.

In her fragmented stage, we never heard from her, but once she became unified by the actions of Resistance agents around the world, she began to manifest in many forms. I believe she spoke to me, she appeared to many at the Shōnin Finale in Pasadena, and then appeared to +Hank Johnson while he was shooting his television show.

Now, Resistance actions have similarly resulted in the reunification of Stein Lightman. I suspect that we will now begin to receive messages from him as well, I wouldn't be surprised if these messages were in the form of Glyphs. Frankly he has been so deeply exposed to the primal language that I suspect it has become the medium of his internal monologue.

But another thing has happened. Both #Shōnin and #Persepolis were controlled by the Resistance. If the old NIA way of looking at things is correct, that the Portals resonate at different frequencies (I don't know if this is a scientific fact, or a gross oversimplification, as I was not chosen to be a part of the +Niantic Project), then both Devra and Stein are now present within that frequency. This might explain why I heard them speaking to one another. 

They have been re-formed out of the fragments of themselves, and now occupy a shared layer of reality within the  Portals.
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I meditate, or at-least I try to.

I find it's a useful exercise, to try and reorder the events of the past and find perspective.

Admittedly, I'm not very good at it. Some nights, I just sit there, eyes closed, feeling like a fool. Occasionally though, the voice of my own thinking goes silent, and I get pulled in by the sounds of the outside. 

Tonight was one of those nights. In the quiet, I heard two voices speaking. Devra, I recognized instantly. Her voice is so distinct, so confident and powerful. I would know it anywhere. The other was less clear, but I knew that voice too. I think it was Lightman.

I couldn't hear their words, but they were deep in conversation. I don't believe they were actually present, I suspect that I sensed something happening... well, not here.

I don't know what this means. Perhaps that's why I'll try and find in tomorrow's meditation.
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Attention +Hank Johnson 

As you might remember, I worked extensively with +Devra Bogdanovich in Arecibo in a search of what we code-named DIALTONE. At the time, we were searching for extra-terrestrial communication. Devra and I made an agreement that we would tell each other if either of us were ultimately successful in achieving dialtone, but never did it occur to me that that communication would come from Devra Bogdanovich herself.  Which leads me to the reason I am breaking my public silence and attempting to contact you (this is the only way I know how to reach you).  An entity contacted me from a Portal through a very strange mechanism, and I believe that communication to have come from Devra. 

We need to talk. Please message me.

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