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Create Ubuntu apps from cloud apps
Create Ubuntu apps from cloud apps

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A reminded to everyone using Fogger. Please remove the Fogger PPA and install from Ubuntu Software Center. The new PPA version will break your user-scripts.

Also, if you've developed a fog app you should start thinking about making it compatible with Unity Web Apps API

Fogger will only support UWA API in the next version.

Everyone should remove the Fogger PPA now that Fogger has been published to the Software Centre.

The PPA will contain development snapshots and other experimental stuff.

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Just added support for Unity Web Apps API for the existing desktop integration functionality in fogger i.e, Launcher, quicklists, app menu and HUD.

Messaging Menu, Sound menu and Indicators will follow soon.

Once done, websites that add support for Unity Web Apps will work in Fogger with no extra work :)

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Today, we are introducing Ubuntu Web Apps, a truly amazing technology that closes the gap between the Web and the desktop. Check it out!!

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The PPA for Fog Apps has changed. Please add

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fogger-app-authors/ppa

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Someone created a fogapp for Grooveshark. Should be out soon!

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