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Dave Garbe
Engineer, Artist, Writer, Webmaster
Engineer, Artist, Writer, Webmaster

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Adventurers - Human Wizard
During my Olim Adventurers project, I naturally had to paint a miniature for myself. Human Wizard. I love the aesthetic of Privateer Press' steampunk elves, such a great mix of fantasy and sci-fi. So, I present to you Elgan! I painted with washes as a short...

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Steamroller 2017 Overview
There have been a bunch of changes from Privateer Press over the last while. It always blows me away how much free stuff they offer - Not just all the rules for their games, but the cards / rules for all their models as well as their tournament kits. Today,...

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Adventurers - Ogryn Rogue / Chef
Another model painted for my Adventurers roleplaying project, was a half-ogre chef. You read that right. He just so happens to also be a rogue.. with poisons... The model itself is one from Reaper Bones. If you want to read about another, take a look at thi...

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Adventurers - Dwarven Cleric
The original model Digging up some of my previous projects, I want to highlight a series I painted for a Dungeons and Dragons group I used to be part of, gifting them their characters when I left. Today's post covers the miniature I painted for my wife. Her...

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Throw another layer of gloss varnish on. This can sometimes reverse the effects of a bad matte varnish. Then, get some Liquitex matte varnish and either paint it on, or ideally run it through an airbrush with no dilution.

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Strange Magic - Part 1
Have you seen Doctor Strange yet? There's some cool effects in there and if you're wondering how to recreate them on your miniatures, then you're in luck. Between today's tutorial on floating magic and a followup on transparent weapons, I'll show you how. I...

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New Project: Mordheim Pitfighters
Things have been busy in my life this winter, between personal stuff and a promotion at work. As usual hobby stuff takes a back seat. Not specifically a negative thing, just how priorities need to work. Getting settled back into the swing of things and reme...

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Time for Games Workshop to Drop Misogyny from their Fluff
Games Workshop has been doing a great job on social media to promote the upcoming release of their newest version of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer TV 's tutorials have become a staple for many aspiring artists. It's refreshing to see a modernized approach ...

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Boba Fett on a Floating Skiff
Dug up an old model and decided to finally give it a layer of paint. It's from West End Games, released in 1988. I wanted to do something a little different from my usual aggressive highlight and/or shadow contrasts, so I played more with layered light coat...

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Building Display Boards
My Midnight Court project was the first I've created a display board for, so I thought I'd walk through how I built it. Most of this is planning, cutting and gluing but I'll touch on a few unique supplies and techniques as well. If you'd like to see some de...
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