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How We Can Help You!
How We Can Help You!

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Why you SHOULD Consider a BIN CAGE Over Your Current Cage

Hamsters love space, digging, climbing, running and of course making hideouts! But if your #russiandwarfhamster  is biting the bars, happy to get out or even fighting his neighbours, its time to get a BIN.

Here is a bin cage we recommend

It is so easy to clean and your hamsters cannot bite the bars any more... SO LESS SLEEPLESS NIGHTS fellow owners ;)


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Does your Russian Dwarf Hamster, Campbell's or Winter White have a sandbath?
Sand Baths are excellent accessories for any hamster, not only do they help prevent odur and bad smells with their environment but they also really enjoy rolling around in their very own sand bath!

If you love watching your #Hamster enjoy its self, but also want to help prevent hamster odor, it's time to check out our awesome guide on How To Create Your very Own Sandbath with Videos below!

#Russiandwarfhamster #dwarfhamsters

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Here is a guide that may come in handy one day!

If your ever loose your Russian dwarf hamster or it escapes? Use our new guide and get some of the best tips and tricks to finding your Russian dwarf hamster quickly and safely!

Check it out below

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What cage, tank or environment does your hamster have? 

Russian dwarf hamsters enjoy space, tubes and foraging. Unfortunately there are many small #hamster  cages in pet stores that just to small. 

Check out our Ferplast Duna Cage Review Video Below and see whether we recommend this cage for Russian dwarf hamsters PLUS the cheapest place online to buy your own.

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#RussianDwarfHamsters  make excellent pets and deserve only the best Russian dwarf hamster accessories in their cage, tank or environment. Have you seen our TOP 5 Recommended Dwarf Hamster Toys/ Accessories that your hamster will love? 

See our video below and the best places to buy them!

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Hi all :) If anyone has any questions regarding Russian dwarf hamsters then we can help you! 

Alternatively for proffessional Russian dwarf hamster care ,infomation, guides, pictures, fun facts and videos. See The website for Russian dwarf hamsters! :)

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Can two Russian dwarf hamsters really live together happily? Or is it just a myth told by pet stores to sell more than one Russian dwarf hamster. 

Find out in our latest post whether Russian dwarf hamsters can live together and if so how? Learn more below

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Has your Russian dwarf hamster being acting strangely recently?
Understanding dwarf hamster behaviour may seem daunting, but if you know what to look for, its easy! 

Check out our highly rated post on Russian dwarf #hamster  behaviour that covers almost everything you will ever need to know. Learn more at
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