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I would pay money for a Glorantha-themed colouring book.

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Went for a walk in town this afternoon.
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Anyone running, or planning to run, something runequesty on-line?

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En oplanerad cykeltur i Eslöv för att se var jag hamnade.

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I have invites to my Imzy Community, click the the link if you are interested in this new social network.

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I just backed Epic Tavern - Rule the Land from your Tavern! on @Kickstarter

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I just backed A Voyage to Panjikant: A graphic novel about the Silk Road on @Kickstarter

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I just backed Njálla Comic on @Kickstarter

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I just backed Gwan Anthology on @Kickstarter

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I'm new to collecting stamps, so I'm generally clueless about most things about the hobby. I have in my very small collection a stamp I wonder about. As far as I can tell it's from 1945 with an original value of 5 lire, however someone has changed this to 10 Lire. Is it some sort of fake, or does it have something to do with limited resources at the end of the war? Or something entirely different?

Grateful for any help.
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