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Lauma Klintsone
I believe the world can be changed for the better.
I believe the world can be changed for the better.

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I haven't been to Google+ in a long time.
I have therefore decided to start anew, and removed everyone I didn't know personally.
Please remind me who you are if I might still want to follow you. Also, tell me how G+ works these days. :)

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So I've decided to renew my social media profiles. Seems like a good way to go.

There's been a blizzard going on for the whole day now. I think more snow has fallen today than in the whole preceding winter before. It's white and pretty, though likely tomorrow it will be mostly melted away again - the temperature will rise to +1 degree Celsium.

I don't really mind. I've been waiting for the spring for a while now.

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Latvian Book Fair
A yearly book fair is taking place the following weekend (March 1-4). All the local publishers will be there, presenting their books and selling them for a lower price than usually. Events like book exchange, readings from authors and events for the Children's Jury of Literature will take place.

An exhibition "School 2012" will also take place in the same place at the same time. It is a place where Latvians and foreign universities, colleges and further learning centers present their programs and opportunities they give for future students.

Both of those exhibitions have a several year history now. They are quite popular and widely attended. I plan attend as well this year. I'm planning to research the main publishers' opinions and plans regarding e-books, and I will publish whatever I find out here.

Obvious Comments Are Obvious
I'm surprised by how often very obvious things are said by politicians or written by journalists. "Latvia needs a thoughtful industrial policy", a title from today's news. Really? I mean, who would have thought? All the other countries normally need a thoughtless and chaotic industrial policy, right?

There are many such titles I've seen in newspapers. Can't recall specific examples, but there's so much obviousness. Where does this come from?

Is it that people like their opinions reinforced, and seeing them will increase the popularity of the newspaper and the politician? Well, personally, I just feel like they have nothing better to say, nothing more elaborate to say, so they just say: "It is necessary that things are good." Thanks a lot, Capt. Obvious?

Maybe you have a better explanation - any actual explanation at all - as to why such obvious things appear in the media rather often. Share your thoughts!

If you have seen any particularly ridiculous obvious thing "proved by research" or such, share that too! I'd like to bring it up in a seminar of my Mass Media Discourse study course some time.

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It's my grandmother's 75th birthday this Sunday. So i have made her a small booklet with designs I have made. I copied them to colour paper, cut and glued them to create bright and lively pictures. Some of these are designs I uploaded before in black and white.

It really ended up as a lovely little booklet. I'm thinking of making a sketchbook/notebook in a similar way.
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I'm so tired of all this Latvian - Russian bullshit here.
It's all in the politics and the biased media (honestly, I lately only really read into what independent journalists and bloggers write).

Obviously, if you hear in the media "Hey, Latvians! The Russians hate you!" you become suspicious and less friendly to Russians - what if they really hate you? Gotta be careful! And then other media says - "Hey Russians! The Latvians hate you!", and obviously a Russian will also become more suspicious towards Latvians. And voila! Paranoid society all the way. You get two people, one Latvian one Russian, sitting in front of each other, frowning in suspicion that the other hates them just for being there... It's a self-fulfilling statement really.

I wonder who benefits from sowing suspicion and tension among the people. It's certainly not me.

So I will not post about this issue anymore. Enough is enough. Better scan some pretty things I've made.

Oh my...

My mother asked me to tell my grandmother that I attended the referendum, because she's so worried about this. Well, I can tell so for her to feel better, of course.

But I'm sorry, I didn't attend it. I was busy studying the language of Latvian press for my coursework, I was busy with a lecture on the art of teaching children thoughtful reading, I was busy reading classical and contemporary Latvian literature, I was busy planning my novel in Latvian and helping a friendly Russian coursemate with putting diacritical marks correctly in a Latvian text. I was busy finding a traditional Latvian playdance to present at my Music teaching lesson, I was busy listening to Latvian post-folk, I was busy translating text from English to Latvian for interactive learning materials issued by one of the main publishers in this country.

I'm sorry I was so busy I couldn't spare time for allowing a hateful man who is himself, in fact, neither Latvian nor Russian, provoke me. I could not spare time to vote in a referendum where not voting counts the same as voting "against" anyway, when I don't think the issue raised there should be an issue at all.

I was too busy actually working for my mother tongue which all the agitators so seemed to defend, but in words only, while inviting everyone to show that the people of this country are so easily provoked and so easily manipulated.

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A Scary Prospect For My City + QOTD to you!
An ex-leader of the City Development Council of Riga has stated fear of Riga's center becoming a ghost town. Even though there are still very many people living in Riga, there has been some counter-urbanization movement with people moving out to suburbs, but that is not what he means in this case.

He addresses the problem of 20-25% of all buildings in the city center being unused and empty, including some old houses with architectural value. There are empty houses that belong both to private owners and the municipality. Most of them require large scale renewal works, which is exactly why they are empty - many private owners have a house as old family property, but they don't have enough free money on them to fix the house. If they manage to fix it by using a bank loan, they should ask for higher rent than anyone would pay so as to return the loan.

Hopefully someone who is currently in office starts attending the problem, because it's true that the Riga city center is NOT thriving and inviting at the moment. The old houses which have been more lucky and are rennovated and in use now are just great.

So my question to you is this:
Of course, any building can be used for flats and/or offices. But can you think of a business or non-profit for which old-fashioned architecture would be the best solution and serve a special purpose?
A few that I can think of is a theatre club or a place for LARPGs, if they were popular enough here to make some profit out of them and/or gain support and recognition as a cultural non-profit..

30-minutes-to-midnight Inspiration
It's half an hour before the 20th of February begins round here. And guess what? I've been sitting in the room feeling tired and a bit unwell the whole day, achieving almost nothing. Well, I've certainly not been productive.

And then BANG! it gets late, and all of those ideas run through my head - I know I want to write down some things for my novel planning, I know what I want to have on the card I'm making for my grandma's birthday, I... Really, I'm not going to do any of that now, sleep is what I need to do now. Sigh.

Do you have any special time of day when you're most likely to get creative?
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