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Ryan OGrady
Life plan = immaturity followed by death
Life plan = immaturity followed by death
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You'll see it in "I Am Lucille Ball" when it's released next week.  It's not just okay to be different.  It's spectacular.  #BeDifferent 

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Half marathon this month, in support of teenage cancer trust.

If you can sponsor anything, please do at the link below.


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So it's a beautiful sunny day, it's a Friday, and you're not listening to Tallulah by 'Allo Darlin?
What the hell are you playing at?

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What a fascinating set of photos.
Over here that'd just be a picture of a chav with 8 bags of monster munch and 5 cans of relentless.
Via +Neatorama ...

Was just about to put down some cash for the +Sony Xperia z1 compact - looks beautiful, great small size, reviews suggest is everything I want in a new device.

But the first website I went on had (many) comments about the screen cracking for no reason, and Sony refusing to repair under warranty... There's also a great deal of chatter (into the 100 of posts) on the Sony forums relating to this issue, with no response from Sony.

Anyone had any experience with this?

Obviously I'm now rather reluctant to buy one if the thing is going to self destruct... 

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"The Panda Twins' First 100 Days"
Via +Neatorama
Obscenely, frighteningly cute.

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"This charming charlie"

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"Despicable Me Minion Ring Holder"
Frighteningly cute.

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Could not be more excited!

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