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I hope you enjoy this new profile picture. I certainly put more effort into it than the last ^^;

Any ideas/requests for the cover photo? :)
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The original had a certain charm to it. The lettering in this one should be a colour that is more different than the background
A red would stand out more against the green. If you switch the background to pink the current text should stand out fine. Not neon pink, but more white. Orange might work too, or brown, or maybe a gold. Play with it a bit.
You could simplify the design, maybe just the kanji for learning stylized. (in calligraphy it would be awesome)
I would like to still use quite same-y colours rather than contrasting colours, to be honest.

I could try something simpler, though. I wasn't sure whether to just have it really simple or more detailed. I just thought that having 'Let's Learn Kanji!' and the Japanese equivalent would be effective. Then there was white space and I'd just downloaded some new brushes :P
The layout you have isn't bad, but it's difficult to tell what it is when it's small. The Japanese part in particular. You could maybe make the background gradient more bold and have darker text against the light background and light text against the dark.
How do I make the background gradient more bold? I might make it darker but still have the text lighter. Would that work?
I mean make the lighter part lighter and the darker part darker, and then color the text to have more contrast with the background.
The best part about your new logo is that I could read what the japanese portion said! \^_^/
what is the difference between manabu, benkyousuru and narau? they are all have same meaning, that is study. 
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