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niggas wana take my soul.. they better be able to take a clip 

bad shit all on my mind but it's lookin like i'm suppose to win

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this is how i feel right now lol

M-A-R-I-J-U-A-N-A #spellingbee

just punched my left hand cuz i'm not left-handed and it doesn't pull its weight around here.

Rider Long Beach CA

ome of the dividend stocks that I hold in my own portfolio are:

Oil Companies: Chevron, Exxon Mobil, and Conoco Phillips

Pharmaceutical Companies: Bristol Myers, Glaxosmith Kline, Johnson and Johnson

Consumer service Companies: McDonalds, Wal-mart, and Kimberly Clark

Telecommunications: AT&T, Telefonica

Is there an Discount Online Brokerage that you recommend?
One of the biggest factors in predicting your annual return is trading fees. If you pay $20/trade, it's very difficult to overcome this and actually make money, especially if you're a frequent trader. By lowering your trading costs, you can overcome them quite easily and hopefully make money on your stock purchases. Think about it another way. By only paying $3/trade, I'll make that money back for sure the first time my company pays me a dividend. And I'll have plenty of money left over to keep investing. By paying $50/trade, it will probably take up the whole first dividend and possibly part of the second or third.

I did lots of research when I was beginning to invest and the cheapest discount online brokerage that I found was
Sogotrade I've been with them for a couple years now and am generally satisfied with them. Trades are really only $3, with no extra hidden fees. It's almost too good to be true, except it's not!
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