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Sphere Game Engine
Sphere is a cross-platform 2D game engine that uses JavaScript.
Sphere is a cross-platform 2D game engine that uses JavaScript.

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TurboSphere gets some eye-candy that also aids in game debugging.

- Martin McDonough (Flying Jester)

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Last weekend, there was a competition! Ludum Dare compo 27! Radnen and DaVince have made some games during the compo. Go check out the original thread. :),180.0.html

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The Spherical downloads repository has been updated with a lot of new downloads! Just look at all these games...

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Spherical is back!

The wiki is still incomplete, but the forums are back and much improved. None of the old forum posts remain, though. Sorry!

In other news, the Spherical downloads repo is going to be hosted on Google Drive. You can only find the Sphere releases there for now, but games will be uploaded soon enough:

Question - does anyone happen to have the favicon from Spherical saved somewhere?

+Alex Rosario +Andrew Helenius 

In preparation for the new repo host, I'd like to make a few proposals:
- Less directories (or categories). So far, I've found only the following dirs are absolutely necessary, and anything special can usually be put under one of those: games, incomplete-games, experiments, libraries, resources. Perhaps a mirror dir of the Sphere releases.

- We need to rework those nifty about.txt files containing metadata about the file. Heck, maybe actually use these files inside Sphere itself (like with an updated startup game). I also think these about.txt files should be put into the game folder instead of the zip root, and possibly be renamed to something like fileinfo.txt. Either that, or we omit the files altogether, since games currently inconsistently have the files anyway.

Also, I recently discovered CakePHP and plan on learning it. If I like it and it's easy enough, I'd like to make a proper repository site out of it (that utilizes a database, search function etc).

- DaVince

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Hey, Sphericals! Question!

I have had a suggestion that TurboSphere should handle mouse clicks the same way it handles key presses, with a queue. The old functions would obviously still be available, just as IsKeyPressed is. Should I add this? Would it be helpful?

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TurboSphere continues to advance.
There. I did it. I did it, and it's done. TurboSphere is using a plugin.

The numbers '115' at the bottom are the output of GetKey(). To the side of it, we have GetKeyString's output for that value. On the top, is GetKeyString as implemented in the internal key system in TurboSphere, part of the main executable. The 's' on the bottom, however, is implemented in, which is loaded just because it is in the plugin folder, and that function is bound because tells TurboSphere to bind it, and how to bind it. It's all working.

I was really worried, working for the last month on a system that I couldn't really test until it was finished. But after a couple minor bugs, it all worked perfectly.

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Ahh. Sweet, sweet progress!
Haha! Looks identical to TurboSphere 0.1.6, doesn't it? Well, the global object for script has had the graphics functions bound completely differently.

The graphics system is using the new plug-in system for binding JS functions. It is still internal and statically linked into TurboSphere, but this is an important part. The next thing will likely be to make the keyboard and mouse systems completely into plug-ins. They don't need object type binding, which hasn't been fully worked out yet, and so are a lot easier to test things out with at this point.

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Posted on Facebook about collecting all the Sphere game resources that people have. Reply here when you have some more!
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