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ZenBirth - Hypnobirthing UK offering courses near you
ZenBirth - Hypnobirthing UK offering courses near you

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Empower yourself. Empower your birth.
You can do this!  Founder of ZenBirth , Gina Potts, talks about how you can empower your birth . Read more about Gina and the many empowering ZenBirth birth stories here .  Gin a Potts i s Director of ZenBirth – Hypnobirthing UK . She comes
from an academic...

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Becoming mindful for you, and baby
The week Zakia tell us about how mindfulness can benefit both you and baby, in pregnancy and beyond.  P regnancy and motherhood isn't always easy. The myth
of a glowing radiant mother - to - be is still prevalent in our societ y . However, the reality is so...

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Should I just have the Epidural?
It's a big question: should I just have the Epidural to block it all out ? Most of us have had other women tell us: 'oh, just have the Epidural!', 'why wouldn't you have it?'  But have you found yourself saying to them, or yourself: 'I'm not sure I want it'...

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Everyday Emotional Harmony
Woud you like to find e veryday e motional h armony during your pregnancy, birth and beyond? Do you have some days when you just wanting to curl up in bed and forget about the turpitude of life: work, kids, your other half ? S ometimes everything seems to c...

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Induction - what exactly happens?
Induction is a medical process of artificially starting labour and stimulating uterine contractions. This week, Gina explains the process of induction, why it can be medic ally necessar y and how to make the right de cision for your.    Why does induction n...

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The skinny on fat, for you and baby
The skinny on fat, and why good fats are essential  One of the
most important facts you need to know is that the human brain is nearly
60 percent fat, - this helps understanding why some fats are so
important and called essential fatty acids aka omega 3,...

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The Best Birth for You and Your Baby
A friend challenged me to write about something to do
with childbirth, which got me thinking...  What do women want to know about childbirth? I know there's a wealth of information at our fingertips. We can Google almost anything these days or ask others fo...

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Relax for Life
The skills you learn during your antenatal course can actually help you in your day-to-day life. Gina , founder of ZenBirth , explains in this short clip.  Read some empowering ZenBirth birth stories here .    Gina Potts is Direc tor of ZenBir th and is a l...

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Nausea in Pregnancy - how to alleviate it naturally
For most women, morning sickness is the first sign of pregnancy and 80% of us will get some form of morning sickness during our pregnancies. How long it lasts for and how bad it gets depends from woman to woman. Some women might just feel nauseous first thi...
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