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I would like to impress on yourself the major cause (created by us) toward global warming namely the automobile. Simply put take an average 2 litre engine multiply said two litre capacity by 1000 (idling revolutions) and divide by four (as every fourth stroke is a combustion stroke) your result is 500 cubic litres of super-heated gas (more or less 2x45gallon drums worth). That is for one car for one minute idling, now multiply that by an average of 3 (when said car is running) and then again by 60 (giving the hourly emissions) and then by 24 (the daily emissions) then multiply by 2-3billion (the number of cars) and get an average on this as all these cars do not run at once. Add to this jets, rockets, generators, and heavy duty vehicles such as trucks, mining equipment etc and you will understand that actual carbon is nowhere near as lethal as the simply put actual heat emitted! We have these heating elements as well as industry and most importantly the one that is not going away namely the sun and we ARE GOING WHERE YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED WE ARE! Oil has been dead within our planet for centuries and all we are now doing is spreading this death to all and sundry whilst REMOVING any future our children might have, in essence we are driving them to their demise! How do we tackle this monster is the only as well as main concern. I have one such solution but it entails taking on governments, stock exchanges as well as banks, all who have invested heavily into oil and in essence have backed the wrong horse!
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