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How can I batch edit the time and timezone meta info of my photos in an album? (Feature request?)

Bah, why must Google Photos bury the Albums link under More??

And why don't they have a Move option when selecting photos in #AutoBackup? That would make photo organization so much simpler, sigh...

Has anyone else had GPS problems with a Nexus 4? Specifically, the accuracy has turned to garbage as of the past few weeks it seems. It appears to always/use the cell network for location now when I open Maps/navigate/etc, unless I turn off and back on GPS in my settings. This goes back to high precision, until I leave the app or turn off the screen; the notification at the top will continue to claim it's set by GPS for maybe a minute despite the increased inaccuracy, before disappearing. I've confirmed that location is from the cell network w/ the GPS Essentials app during that time frame as well.

This is super annoying...Is my phone damaged (hopefully the warranty would cover it if so), or was there some horrible update not too long ago that messed up GPS big time?

What is causing Google to intercept phone calls and route them to my laptop? That is very obnoxious, and something that started only recently...grr.

why is there no google+ Messenger web interface, or integration w/ google talk?

nexus 4 Play experience: I keep trying to throw money at you but you won't take it!

Is there a way to make a Google My Maps available offline in Android? Caching maps is great, but to be able to pair it with actual landmarks would make it perfect!

Is there a way to change your user agent in Android Chrome Beta? Specifically, I want to be able to view the 'dekstop version' of a page, which the ICS default browser does allow.

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cool site
The variation is remarkable. In this one, iPhone 4s, Lumia 800, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus S.

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