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Another year, another attempt at blogging
Hello again, strangers and not-so-strangers, It appears that I have once again managed to go an entire year without posting something. Looking back, I could quite literally kick myself (if I were in fact flexible enough to do so), because quite a lot has ha...

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Week 4: Fudge and a Rodeo
Hello there, Let me start this week off with a little rant about technology. I had had this post written already (no this is not an excuse- it's nothing but the sad truth); and when I went to add pictures to it - POOF- gone. Stupid stupid computer. Stupid t...

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Week 2: Mammoths and Crazy Horse
Hello there, I'm just going to get straight into it without much of an intro, but for everyone who doesn't feel like reading my novel-esque blogposts ( The word " esque " is currently one of my favorites... can you tell?) here's a quick summary: We cleaned ...

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Week 1: From the Lone Star State to the Prairie
Howdy do there! Ok nevermind, no one here talks like that, but I thought I'd make for a nice entry The first week of my adventure flew by in a flash. I decided that I would try my best to do weekly updates every Friday (failed on my first t...

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Adventure time
Hello again, I'm writing this at five am in a basement bedroom in a tiny town in South Dakota. Huh? Right, well the five am thing wasn't exactly planned. We had planned to get up at six am and go upstairs to eat breakfast etc. What we forgot was that they a...

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Happy Holidays
Hello there, It seems to me that, ever since I turned thirteen time has just flown by. This month however has been extreme. To be honest, I think I blinked and it was Christmas. There was so much to do, sending out Christmas cards, baking cookies, cleaning,...

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Cinnamon Rolls...yumm!!!
Sometimes I wonder, is there anything better than warm cinnamon rolls? The delicious smell, the topping still dripping down the sides, the swirls of haze still escaping the warm rolls.....heaven! I don't know why, but I tend to make cinnamon rolls at night ...

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Red Velvet Cupcakes
I know, Red Velvet is more of a Valentines Day thing. But the thing with red velvet is that I've been trying to get them right for ages now. And when I say ages I mean I've tested so many recipes that sometimes I can't even remember which one tasted best. I...

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes
Cupcakes. The word alone tickles my imagination. In my mind I see gorgeous little cakes in the most decadent of flavours, topped off with a creamy frosting that melts in your mouth when you take a bite. Basically, I love cupcakes. I love baking them, I love...
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