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We Learn Something Every Day
Take monarch
butterflies for example. I just read a newspaper article about the monarch
butterflies and their annual migration from the U.S. and Canada to their winter
nesting grounds in western Mexico. It said, every fall, tens of millions of these

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We Saw His Star in the East!
Stars are a
wonderful thing!  Created by God to spark our wonder and awe, they are too
numerous to count – or to completely understand! Before the invention of the
telescope, Greek astronomer Ptolemy figured he could see 3,000 stars with the
naked eye. Now,...

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You And Your Children -- Closer to God
“Share an experience that will bring you and your
children closer to God.” Dear Friends, It’s that season to think about what we can give to others,
and hence this letter. I wrote the book, Purposeful Design – Understanding the
Creation because I wanted to

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Running Out of Oil? Think Again!
We are not running out of oil! Not by a long shot!   Praise God! It seems
like forever, that we and our children have been fed the fable that decaying
animal and plant matter was necessary for our provision of needed oil, natural
gas, and coal! And,

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Did God Plan It This Way?
In 2009, the city of
Palo Alto, California struggled with a rash of teen suicides. One newspaper
reported, “Another Palo Alto teen has died after stepping in front of a
commuter train, the fourth such suicide in less than six months.” Do you agree
that God ...

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Sometimes God Bends the Rules
“The most
incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” Albert
Einstein (a believer in Purposeful Design) also said, “The universe is orderly
– and follows “rules” of nature that do not change; and, if these rules of
nature did ch...

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"Hand of God"
Are they coming around to our way of
thinking? All in the
news now is the photo ‘Hand of God’ as spotted recently by NASA’s NuSTAR Space
Telescope. Yes, the scientific community has
actually come out and stated “a new NASA X-ray image captures a celestial

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The Latest Furor Over the "Evolution" Polls
  It’s recently been all over the
internet and newspapers:     State Newspaper headline: “Evolution views evolving by politics”.     Huffington Post headline: “Surprising number of Americans still don’t
believe in Evolution”. headline: “Pol...

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Good news!   Just announced - book award.   2013 Illumination Book Awards   Category:  Education (Home School, Bible School, etc.)   Bronze Medalist: "Purposeful Design - Understanding the Creation", Jay Schabacker (Self - Pub...

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As I look around and marvel at the vastness of a starry sky, the full moon at night, the power of a sunrise, the beauty of a hummingbird, the awesomeness of a mother's care for her baby, and God's provision to keep us well - I am thankful - especially at th...
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