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Imagine this: You’re a 16-year-old living on the border of New York and New Jersey. It’s 4am on a Sunday morning; you’re wide awake and bored (if that’s even remotely possible with access to such a huge city), so what else is there to do than to climb to the top of your favorite building which also happens to be the tallest one in America?

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In less than 30 days our taxes are due...April 15th to be exact, and with all the devices out there, I'm sure a few of us will be filing our taxes on the go with a mobile device. Simple and convenient, right? Well, yes, but also risky because your valuable personal information is a scammer's jackpot!

If a scammer can get your name, address, Social Security number, date of birth and phone number, then they have EVERYTHING, so use the following tips to keep your info safe and secure.

Security Tips for Filing Mobile Taxes

1. Never use an open wireless network. In other words, do NOT file your taxes at Starbucks or the airport using their free Internet connections.

2. Be sure no one is peeking. Someone looking over your shoulder while you enter your personal information could be all it takes to steal your identity.

3. Choose a strong password for the tax site or app. Use a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols in an awkward order that doesn't make sense to anyone but you.

4. No device left behind! Make sure you have a service that allows you to wipe the device in case you accidentally leave it in a public place or lose it. You will want to remotely go online and be able to select "wipe all data out of my device."

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It's Int'l Day of Happiness! Here at Security Products and Security Today we wish you and yours a life time of happiness! Here are some tips to help increase the happiness in your life!

Be a daredevil! Daily routines can become so mundane, so challenge yourself to take a risk each day! Talk to someone new, assert yourself, trust someone, dance, etc.

Laugh! Sometimes we take life way too seriously! Did you know that kids laugh 200 times/day while adults only laugh 15 times/day?

Practice gratitude! Think of 10 reasons why you love your job and are grateful to have it.

Do what makes you happy when you first wake up! Love coffee? Treat yourself to a cup of gourmet joe!

Surround yourself w/positive scents and sounds! Love a certain type of music? Listen to it while you have to do those boring daily tasks. Love a certain smell? Use essential oils to create a positive feeling. At home try lemon, peppermint or lavender.

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I just glanced up at my calendar and realized that in 15 short days, the ISC West 2014 showroom floor will be open! I'm excited to see blue people walking around, cash booths and fast cars, like Ferraris, among all the other hoopla of this tradeshow!

Having been thrown into this tradeshow last my first-ever industry show, I lived and learned. Now, I present to you:

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Enjoy Every Moment of ISC West 2014

1. Bring a backpack. I have found that balancing the load on both shoulders makes for a more comfortable day.

2. Be sure to put band-aids, antibiotic cream and tissues in your backpack just in case one of those mean, ugly blisters pop up on your feet.

3. Have a bottle of water and an energy bar with you at all times. With so much to see and do, you won't want to stop to get something to eat. Find a seat and picnic on the showroom floor right in the middle of the action!

4. Bring a portable phone charger. Plugs are few and far between, so to make sure you can Tweet, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc. this event at any moment, always have back up!

5. If you are not an active person, I would start taking walks before or after work to avoid sore muscles. (Yes, the convention center IS REALLY THAT BIG!)

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you're wearing green to ward off all the pinches! If you and your family are planning a fun "green" outing, maybe a parade or a party, here are some lucky leprechaun tips to keep you all safe! 

1. Make sure all family members have a phone and/or a way to get in touch with other family members, should one become separated from the group in the sea of green! 

2. Establish a plan. Communicate exactly where the family is going and what activities everyone is going to participate in. That way, if a member gets lost, at least he or she will know the game plan.

3. Determine a meeting place. If you and your family decide to split up or should someone get lost, find a quick and easy-to-get-to spot to meet.

4. Be alert. Always know what's going on around you. You never know when something may happen, but at least you will be alert and ready to respond.

Have a safe and fun St. Patrick's Day. Oh, and if you happen to find that pot o' gold, don't forget to share with us, your favorite security magazine and website! 

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Let us know that we can expect you to join our Google Hangout with Alarms Unlimited, ASG Security and Honeywell Fire Systems!

Who knows!?! You could be one of the TWO lucky attendees who wins one of two IPGSM-4G fire alarm communicators from Honeywell Power!

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The area schools are out for spring break and ahhhh, what an AWESOME drive I've had into the office this week. The traffic actually moved at a steady pace as opposed to being gridlocked. No honking, teeth grinding, inappropriate words, stress-free driving! And,

As a parent, you should fee the same peaceful, stress-free feeling when your kiddos are online, and you can with these must-teach tips!

Never give out personal information on the Internet. Make sure your kiddos know the repercussions that could come from this, like cyberstalking.

Stay involved in your kiddo's online life. Be sure you know exactly who your child is talking to and teach your children the importance of "cyber stranger danger!"

People online can be whoever they want. Someone posing as a "12-yr-old-girl" could actually be a 47-year-old male. Teach your children to never trust online profiles unless you are 100% sure they are people you know.

Never respond to messages that are suggestive, obscene, hostile,
threatening or make you feel uncomfortable. Give your child age-appropriate examples of each so they understand the meaning of each.

Teach your child to never meet anyone the "meet" online unless you are with them...think "cyber kidnapping."

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Yesterday, I told you about the new target for scammers: Pinterest! Today, I give you the gift of safety!

Tips To Keep Your Pinterest Account Secure

■ Report the pin. Click the flag icon at the bottom of the image.

■ Change your password frequently. Click your name at the top of Pinterest, then, click Settings and follow the prompts to create a new, complex password.

■ ALWAYS log out of your account when you aren't using it.

■ Logging in. Only log in on and the official mobile app. Avoid look-alike sites, for example,

■ Do NOT link Pinterest to your other social media accounts. If scammers get in, they can easily share spam pins on your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

■ Check before you pin. Before you repin, hover on the image to make sure the destination link corresponds with the info on the pin. Scammers have been replacing the links in popular pins with links to websites housing malware.

These tips will help you to...

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Do you realize that Pinterest is becoming the new target for scammers?

Check this out! Pinterest sends you an email saying that a friend has shared a pin with you. Because it says it's from a "friend," you click on it, only to be taken to a site selling counterfeit products, featuring a bogus news story or promoting work-from-home opportunities, etc.

Stay tuned, because coming to tomorrow are tips to help keep your Pinterest account secure!
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