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Drain Ratz Plumbers 0861 11 21 33 will still be on standby for any drain or plumbing emergencies during the xmas holiday. Drain Ratz Plumber s will still be assisting the public with geysers, septic tanks, french drains, plumbing, leak detection and solar geysers. We shall still be only concentrating on the Pretoria i.e (Pretoria east, Pretoria North, Centurion, Lyttleton, Midrand areas. The northern parts of Johannesburg (Jhb) will also be serviceable. 
So dont despair. We have your back this Xmas...

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some humour for he day..hehehehe

Drain Ratz Plumbers & Builders 0861 11 21 33. The water expo is on its way so there will be a lot of talk about solar and solar products as well as geysers. There will be a lot of talk about water pumps and swimming pools and basically everything that has to do with water and the plumbing industry.All types of geysers!!! so if you are a geyser fan, or a pool fan, make your way there. Dats are on their website:

French drains & septic tanks 0861 11 21 33. We have recently started an inquiry as to what septic design would be the best to use in terms of working capacity. Most septic /drainage suppliers as well as treatment plant suppliers believe that their design is the best. We have looked at the round septic tank design as well as the square design and the conclusion that we came to is is as follows: It really does not matter if your tank is round or square, the only factor that really matters is if the septic tank working capacity.
Some manufacturers claim that their design is better for various reasons but at the end of the day we believe that any septic tank can fail if not properly maintained afterwards. The Initial installation of a septic tank to a french drain is also important. Some types of installations of septic tanks may require a fat trap installation to the french drain or soakaway and some manufacturers claim that their design does not require a fat trap installation. We at Drain Ratz  believe that its best to install a fat trap to every installation. Just to be on the safe side. For any waste water treatment plant /sewage solutions contact us Drain Ratz.
We are plumbers in pretoria, plumbers in centurion, plumbers in midrand,plumbers in cape town and plumbers in johannesburg (Jhb). 

common geyser problems 0861 11 2133. Drain Ratz repairs all geyser problems from electrical geyser problems to solar geyser problems. Drain Ratz Plumbers & Builders have a wide coverage. Plumbers in Pretoria,  Plumber in Centurion,  Plumbers in Midrand, Plumbing in Johannesburg (jhb) and Plumbing in Cape Town will be able to assist with following geyser problems. New geyser installations - a piece of cake. 
1. Geyser does not have hot water.
2. No hot water coming from hot water taps.
3.Continuous overflow of water from hot water installations.
4.Geyser appears to leak from casing.
5. Installation and maintenance of thermostats
call Drain Ratz and a friendly consultant will best be able to assist you with any geyser related problems

The best solar systems and geysers  0861 11 21 33. We can still give you a rebate. Our systems are freeze resistant,hail proof, no maintenance (meaning no glycol refills), no stagnation, no panel blockages, No liquid and a very easy installation. We also give you a 10 year guarantee on our systems. 
Works when the power is off...What more do you need in a system. 

cctv drain camera inspections 0861 11 21 33. Drain Ratz plumbers are highly skilled and professional plumbers and builders that knows drains and drainage.

Plumbing contractors 0861 11 21 33 Drain Ratz Plumbers.Efficient emergency plumbing services for big and small plumbing contracts.
Many people are starting to wonder if Drain RAtz plumbers are now only specializing in big plumbing contractors. The answer is no: we still so smaller maintenance plumbing jobs in Pretoria,Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg (Jhb) and Cape Town. Feel at ease to contact us for any plumbing need.

Unblock a drain 0861 1121 33 for drain unblocking/drain unclogging/drain repair,drain cleaning services  or new drain installations. We specialize in all plumbing and building works works like geysers, solar geysers,heat pumps, septic tanks and french drains,reedbeds,sewerage solutions, water treatment plants, smoke detections systems,fire detection systems as well as building services like painting,roofing,tiling cornices,ceilings,building services, bathroom renovations,building renovations,building additions, paving,partitioning etc. We are a level 1 Bbbee company.We service Pretoria,Centurion,Midrand,Johannesburg (Jhb). Look us up
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