The Best Holiday Beers and Libations for 2012

Here at GeekDad, we love a good brew as much as the next person. Even more when we get to hack some Lego, an Arduino, and an old water pump into a homebrew setup (but that’s another project). And now that we’re full bore into the holiday season, we can’t help but take pleasure in the plethora of wonderful holiday releases to warm the earlier-darkening nights. As a public service to our readers, we took it upon ourselves to research the available fare, and recommend the best we found to you. The result is a list of 13 great holiday beers, and one recipe for an amazing seasonal drink with a long heritage in certain corners of the country. And please, feel free to add your own favorites in the comments; while we have writers all over, we can't have found ALL the great holiday beers out there, so please inform us!
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