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Major reset needed. The timeline for 7.0 release fell behind schedule in a massive way due to holidays, health, family, and underestimating the work involved on the sore manager side. So now I am shooting for the end of February or mid-March for a beta release of #AgoraCart along with integration of a few featured payment processing partners that have teamed up with us for this release. Other payment gateways will follow thereafter.

#AgoraCart 7 beta is nearing completion. Many add-ons and gateways will be completed later. Look for something late next week, beta wise. Will run legacy stores and have some of the power of the upcoming #AgoraCartX

Change of plans. #AgoraCart version 7 'Legacy' beta will be released within 30 days. AgoraCart version X 'Phoenix' planned for late Fall 2015, which is an enterprise and industrial strength version.

many fixes over the past month+ in version 6.02.x: fixed AuthorizeNet, iTransact, NiftyPay gateways; fixed sessions for buySafe, updated UPS & USPS shipping. Updated UPS & USPS & AuthorizeNet in versions 5.2.x & 5.5.x as well.

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Gold Version 6.2 Released & PayPal Express Checkout now available. This update brings a lot of changes & fixes and PayPal options are now going to be included in all distributions by default thanks to the folks at PayPal. Version 7 is still in development, but these changes were something we felt should be released prior to v7 coming out. We recommend that current 6.0.x IPN option users upgrade to PayPal Express Checkout option and after upgrading the core files.

Excited for some of the changes coming in version 7. However being a solo developer now, it is taking longer than I had hoped. I'm porting some of the fixes down to version 6, including some minor fixes to discounts and shipping rates showing correct amounts if user changed to cart view, change order form and even the total in cart contents (don't have to get to last checkout page to see updates once you have been there already or have supplied very basic shipping location info) as well as the new PayPal Express, PayPal Advanced, and PayFlow Link solutions. More back office elements will come later this year if all goes well.

PayPal has become the official sponsor of their payment options within AgoraCart. As a result PayPal payment gateway files will be bundled in future core releases of AgoraCart by default (aka freely without membership). PayPal payment options will also expand beyond the current Standard and IPN options offered since AgoraCart version 4.x

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Trying out a new way to make new modules and features available to all users

Working on the new version that will run version 5, 6 or the new responsive designs. Hopefully I/we can juggle the legacy elements well so that the upgrade process will be better for current users than the v5 to v6 upgrade was. So far it looks like 90-95% of version 5 will run as originally used, and 99.9% of version 6, with the ability to phase out various parts of the legacy design. So established stores should see very little disruption and new stores can use all the cool new technologies.
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