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Georgie Ormrod
Cycling, roller skating, walking, cats, scifi!!!
Cycling, roller skating, walking, cats, scifi!!!

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Burnley in the height of autumn
A ride from a few weeks ago - home to my mum's 90% off road. 100% enjoyment ride. Precious solo time when you're a mum.

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Enjoying GMT
Although I wish it was BST all year long - it turning dark by 4o'clock is just miserable, today I thoroughly enjoyed the autumn / winter commute. My old northern mill town looks splendid with the intense autumn leaves becoming more subtle as everything turn...

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Life & Cycles
Having a toddler isn't conducive to blogging or freedom on the tops so much. I have had some wonderful cycling moments in the last few months, but they're fewer & further between, and the monthly club ride I lead is pretty much it in terms of adventure. My ...

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Escapes of a small wheeled bicycle
Yes I'm still cycling, although no 30 mile daily commute anymore, which is significantly impacting my cycling fitness levels, but upping the general enjoyment when I'm out & about. Mum duty is taking up much time and thus I've not really had opportunity to ...

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Beautiful Buttermere
Back in October we enjoyed a brief family cycling trip at Buttermere. It only ended up being one day of riding on account of the weather, but it was a lovely ride indeed. Being out of season, the sole road that snakes through the valley was quiet. We left t...

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Easing back into work
I'll be back at work full swing in a couple of weeks. Up til then I'm using some 'keep in touch' days to get back into the routine. I managed to arrange childcare to enjoy my trusty off road commute recently. It's probably a year since I was last up on that...

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Family Picnic Riding
Enjoying the last bits of maternity leave before I'm back in the office.

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Miles & smiles
It's proved very easy to get used the trailer over the last few weeks. I'm faster & getting everything we need together & getting out of the door. And with timing when Frank looks sleepy so I can set off before he starts getting upset and he is rocked to sl...

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Summer weekend
This weekend flew by. Only about 14 bike miles in all - so not enough to really get a feed for the new (old) Kona and all were with the trailer attached so it was slow going all the way. Frank's weekend was busy & he loved it. Smiling at everyone & flirting...

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Exploring Bolton
Last weekend's family ride took in the Bolton Bury converted railway (not converted all the way alas so there was some fun negotiating the trailer before Elton Reservoir), the Bolton Bury canal & various farm tracks. An easy ride but uber slow - the trailer...
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