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Dear David - Life Span
Dear David I have seen a news report saying the over 65s are living longer. I think it is really unfair that it is only old people that are living longer. Can something be done to make it fairer? David Responds I am not sure there is much I can do about t...

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Dear David - Eyebrows
Dear David What do you think of the latest male grooming on eyebrows? 
Apparently instead of keeping them flat, one should keep them short and backcomb them for a more natural look - my photo enclosed. David Responds A letter about male grooming, I get a l...

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Dear David - Look
Dear David I was told by a mutual friend of ours that I looked androgynous
when I was younger.  What do reckon? After all you've known me for years. David Responds 'Androgynous' that's a funny word isn't it.  Wonder what it means ... let's have a look in m...

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Celebrity Week
This week's celebrity news: Jeremy had holes in the knees of his jeans - and he went like that on telly as well!; John isn't gong to be at Chelsea anymore; and  Terry isn't going to be at Chelsea anymore either; Matt is going to do Top Gear - whatever that ...

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Dear David - The BBC
Dear David I'm watching Elton John on Graham Norton - his performance is
shocking.  How do I get a refund on my TV licence? David Responds Oh I'm not sure.  They only do refunds if you are over 75, otherwise you might have a problem. They are really strict...

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Agatha was at the Patisserie this morning … ‘Morning dear, I wasn’t keen on those coconut macaroons you sold me last week’ I said by way of greeting ‘Haystacks’  replied Agatha ‘What?’ ‘Haystacks. You said "coconut macaroons". They were coconut haystacks’...

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Dear David - Circumflex
David   I am a French
linguist and I’ve just had my circumflex removed.  I am dead
annoyed.   David
Responds   Ooh I’m not
surprised, I bet that hurt.  Take a  couple  of  paracetamol and you will be right as rain in a few days.
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