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CU3ER - 3D Image Slider
Unique & Awesome 3D Image Slider for your website
Unique & Awesome 3D Image Slider for your website

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fix for Win8/IE10 is coming today... problem was ActiveX is not supported in IE10/Win8

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We wish that all our users from NYC and around are all well and stay safe!

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adding BuddyPress support for our first soon to be WordPress theme, and it's going to be responsive, modern and FREE!

We've just installed iOS6 and CU3ER CSS3D Transforms are not showing because they are not detected. We see CSS3D works, so we'll find a way tomorrow to get them started. Happy iOSing :)

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last update to JS player fixed problems with some projects that have thumbnails. Today we'll try to fix Upload problems happening sometimes

please, do not spend long times trying to find why something in CU3ER does not work! contact our support and we can help usually very fast!
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