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Social Media Consultant and Trainer


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Social media Live # 59 Wednesday 12 September - From the USA -
Today is Wednesday, September 12, Twenty Eighteen, and I am Jyotindra Zaveri, your friendly social media-marketing consultant and trainer.

I discuss digital marketing lessons based on my own research and hands on experience (not blind copy paste) in the Wednesday LIVE session. And who knows, it might just inspire you to start your own LIVE broadcast. Yes, I strongly suggest you plan your own Facebook Live. If you have already tried that, then try Instagram LIVE. It has its own audience and similar features that you will like it.

If you like my Wednesday LIVE, write your feedback in comment. You may would like to share now with your friends who you think are still struggling with social media.
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Social Media experience by a leading IT Company Werardt Systemss Pvt Ltd, Pune, India

B2B Marketing for a software solution company is challenging. It is possible if we work as a team with a single goal.

Social Media marketing for Werardt is managed by Jyotindra Zaveri.
Mr. Satish Nande and Mr. Ashish Yardi is appreciating the work in this video testimonial.

Such encouraging feedback makes us do even more for all our clients.

Whatsapp +91 9552846949
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Wednesday 8 August twenty eighteen and I am Jyotindra Zaveri, your friendly social media-marketing consultant and trainer.

2. What is cloud? When you store your data, pictures, video on cloud, where it actually goes. Up in the sky? No your stuff is stored in someone else computer! Whose computer? Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and so on. Is it safe? No, it is not safe. It can be hacked. Identity theft also happens.
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Social Media LIVE Chat 53 by Jyoti Zaveri 25 July 2018

Original LIVE Video on Facebook with Comments

Today is Wednesday July 25 and I am your friendly social media marketing consultant and trainer.
आईए बातें करें in Hindi also
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ज्योतिंद्र ज़वेरी हिंदीमें बता रहे है - सोशिअल मीडिया मार्केटिंग - फेसबुक लिंकडिन और गूगल प्लस.

सोशिअल मीडिया कंसल्टन्ट और ट्रेनर व्हाट्सप्प +९१ ९५५२९४६९४९
Overlooking Amsterdam Airport Schiphol!
Fly your business with the help of a senior social media consultant and trainer.
Social Media Marketing outsource to Jyotindra Zaveri or learn online.
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Young aspirant wonders "Should I post on Facebook first or Twitter? Let me make a blog, SEO, upload video on YouTube……"

If you are a new employee on a big team, you will likely get training and direction from your superiors, but for a small or midsized business (SME), you might have significantly more freedom right from the start than you are accustomed to getting.

That freedom can be a good thing for job satisfaction, but if you are inexperienced, it could also be overwhelming.
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Social media marketing Live # 49. June 27, 2018

Topic discussed #IGTV, Hashtags, YouTube Insights - Minutes watched on YouTube, A Watch Session in YouTube!

Today is June twenty seven, twenty eighteen, and I am Jyotindra Zaveri, your friendly social media consultant and trainer, speaking to you LIVE on Facebook this special social media marketing group

Let us discuss social media marketing

Filmein sirf teen cheezon ki wajah se chalti hain... entertainment, entertainment, entertainment... Aur main entertainment hoon.

Social media sirf teen cheezon ki wajah se chalta hain... Like, Comment, Share.

The secret of social media is: Engagement, that is Like, Comment, and Share! I represent a social media passionate team called Jyoti Social.
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Social media discussion LIVE by Jyotindra Zaveri. Ask your questions in Comment. TOPICS: Social Media Strategy updates. Terrific Twitter Case study. After office hours. Live is Realty Show.
Excerpts follows:

• Today is 20 June 2018 and I speaking from Pune, India
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You are aware, Social Media Marketing is evolving, and managing it professionally is challenging. If you are looking for frank (and free) discussion, on how to improve your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., you are not alone! Here is an invitation for you.
• Two FAQ are:
#1: How can I get my posts working better?
#2: How can I be smarter with my digital marketing strategy?
• JOIN this free, online training by Jyoti Zaveri where you will discover:
#1: How to construct compelling posts that get people to take action. And what not to do.
#2: How to implement innovative strategies to put those compelling posts to good use.
#3: The best ways to test and refine your presence so they get better results (and cost less).

This live training takes place online.
• WHEN? EVERY WEDNESDAY. India 8:00 pm (IST). Europe 4:30 pm. USA 10:30 am.

You may text your Question on Whatsapp +91 9552946949 OR Ask in Comment during LIVE Broadcasting.

If you are a digital marketing expert you can also come in this video broadcast. Message in Comment, during LIVE session, you will be added!

This is a FREE public event. Organised by Jyoti Social.
Please Share.

Click to know more about the speaker

LIVE Training every Wednesday regularly since August 2017!
Here are the links of previous broadcasts
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