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Huntly Bridge, sunset :)  Went a playing with HDR ...  any and all crit welcome
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Nice and subtle , how many frames spanning what range? Looks like there is noise in the shadows, quite a common ting with hdr, try shooting more frames that end. I always try and shoot lots close together (7 or 9 at 1/2ev) if I can.
3 Frames I think, was standing in the middle of the road at rush hour ( for Huntly) trying to shoot in between cars :)  Thanks for the tip, will try that next time.
If you shoot canon get magic lantern, makes hdr easy! But yeah I've done the middle of the road thing before, better to get the frames and get outta there!
Magic Lantern is worthy? I do a lot of CHDK astrophotography, and have heard a lot of good things re: Magic Lantern, but not tried it yet ...
Yeah I love it. On a 5d2 btw. It has some niggles, takes longer for the camera to warm start after sleep, so I have extended the timeout a bit. You can easily remove it or hold SET down to boot without it (but it seems to come back after a warm start...)
The live view zebras and spot meter are fantastic too.
I'm running a 60D here, and loving it  :)   I find myself getting really lazy and using the Auto Exposure bracketing if I want to do HDR (see my other post for an example) ... I'm finding that duck and dawn are the best light for it, and have trouble doing HDRs at most any other time of day - how does Magic Latern make it easier?
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