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Can anyone recommend a good wide angle lens for landscape and nightscape shooting on a 60D?

Am kinda of looking at this one:

Yeah, price is a factor.
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Don't know about that lens, but the Sigma 10-20 f4.5 is an oldie but goodie. It's what I use for a lot of my landscapes.
I have recently purchased the Canon 10-22mm and had it out for the first time this weekend and had a lot of fun with it. Initial peeks at images show it to be crisp even when handheld :)
One of the most sharpest lenses you could get your hands on would be a Tokina 116 11-16mm f/2.8 It's a real beauty and can be had for around NZ$900 
The issue with the Samyang which should disqualify it from landscapes is the fact you cannot mount any filters to it. If you really want to get into landscapes, filters play a huge part in getting a good quality image, a Polariser alone makes a huge difference. SO keep than in mind.  
Thanks Codie, I'm looking at it more for nightscapes, but landsscapes too ... I'm kinda slightly limited by the smallish sensor in my 60D.
The 60D is much better than the 350D that I started out with :)
Too slow :(  Would rather sacrifice some width for some speed, especially for astrophotography.
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