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What should online retailers should know about their visitors?

+Forrester Research recently released their report on “The State of Online Retailing 2013” where they are summarizing the key metrics and initiatives for online retailers in the US. Coming up this week it is the Nordic E-commerce Summit so I thought it would be suitable to look at some trends and numbers.

There are a couple of identifiable trends. Firstly retailers with physical stores generally have lower conversion rate than pure online retailers. Secondly the age of the website matters. The longer the online store has been in business, the higher the conversion rate is. This also applies to shopping cart abandonment. One can therefore assume that time in business is related to how much time the retailer had to put into actively working with improvements on the website.

When it comes to initiatives for 2013 there is strong focus on site conversion and mobile. Multi-channel efforts however, together with CRM efforts are also focus areas that also strengthen the knowledge about the visitor/customer.  Based on the research above I would therefore like to pose a couple of questions to Nordic online retailers regarding the knowledge of their visitors:
• Are you able to identify your existing customers when they come back to the website?
• Are you able to follow your visitors across all channels, devices and browsers? E.g. do you understand the role of each visit and how it contributed to a conversion?
• Are you able to have a consistent dialogue with your visitors across the entire visitor journey, e.g. through all channels and devices?
• Are you able to communicate in real time to with your visitors based on their behavior, e.g. based on how they interact with content, ads, email and other ways that you use to communicate with them?

2013 is the year to start thinking cross-channel and cross-device. It is also the year where it will be more important to know your visitors so if your answer is no to one or more of the above questions I would like to come with a suggestion. Start to identify important segments on your website so you can interact with them. For example:
• Customers that purchased more than once 
• Customers that buy frequently 
• Customers that frequently come through campaigns 
• High value browsers (views high-price/high-margin items)
• Sensible to new products (clicks mostly on newly added products)
• Sensible to cross-sell (uses “buy similar” function)
• Determined behavior to buy but doesn’t (goes straight to checkout but leaves)
• Frequent customer who stopped buying (purchased frequently but not recently)

Helping you find and reach those segments on your website is what +Innometrics  is experts on and we would love to show you how at the Nordic E-commerce Summit. You can also visit our website to know more about how we help online retailers create a better understanding of their visitors.

So, we are launching a new website you say. It's going to be so much better than the old one. It's going to convert and create lots of new sales. It will be completely redesigned and and improved. It will have all the functionality of a modern CMS and a really nice look and feel to it. That's what you say.

But when I ask how you will measure the difference in sales, conversions, customer behavior etc. you don't have an answer for me.

How is that even possible 2013?

That is my Friday frustration...

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Talking about the next generation of analytics!

The Swedish version of the Google Analytics conference is approaching we feel that it would be relevant to talk about what is happening with the release of Google’s Universal Analytics and how we at Innometrics together with the expertise from Outfox are empowering that solution. 

What is then the big thing with Universal Analytics? In its core Universal Analytics lets you create one unique ID for each visitor, regardless of platform. There is also the possibility to send in visitor data to Google Analytics up to 4 hours after the actual visit happened. This means that you can:
• Start to understand how your visitors move across devices and it becomes a lot easier to track different devices cannot handle real time tracking (E.g. smart TV’s, customer service systems etc.).
• Add non visitor information e.g. campaign information, cost etc. to analytics retroactively and start analyzing the real ROI for other campaigns than AdWords.
• Add powerful segments and really start slicing and dicing data in any way you want.

One of the challenges with Google Analytics however is how to collect segments of visitors based on their behavior across different devices. That is why Innometrics can be of great benefit because Innometrics lets you control the entire analytics solution from a simple drag and drop interface where you create visitor triggers. No coding is required. With Innometrics you can quickly and easily create powerful segments and send them in real time to Google Analytics. Create advanced customer types like:

• Someone who bought once within the last month for an order value more than X, hasn’t bought since but has been looking at products at least Y times after that.

Innometrics also easily integrates with most CRM-systems and when doing that you can also start segmenting on your personas in Google Analytics. An example segment could be:

• Average order value above X, 2 people in household, age below Y, looked at products in a specific range Z times during the last month.

Innometrics also helps you target your visitors based on the data you already have, across devices. For example if you analyze your data in Google Analytics and find that customers from a specific campaign and device have a tendency to always search for a specific product you can:

• Automatically show them an offer for that specific product when they come back from another device given that the visitor has a previously come from referrer X and device Y.

We at Innometrics together with Outfox are excited about the new power and control of data that we can offer companies. Meet us at the Google Analytics conference next week and we will tell you more!

You can read more about Universal Analytics on the official support pages.

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Haven't seen this one before, but it's hilarious. Ballmer laughs at iphone. Ballmer Laughs at iPhone

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This is good PR if anything.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama will have a conversation with Archbishop Desmond Tutu by live video over a Hangout (Google+'s video conferencing platform) as part of the Inaugural Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture in Cape Town, South Africa, on October 8, 2011, starting at 10:30am South African time (GMT+2.00). A link to the Google+ Hangout will be available approximately 20-30 minutes before the event begins.

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Really nice. I just need to use Google+ a little more.
Social Media Analytics: Google Plus Edition

Three Important Key Performance Indicators & Competitive Analysis

With the release of the G+ API there will be lots of metrics and reports that are just around the corner. Like with every other social environment most of them will be utterly useless.

The attached images are my attempt at defining the three Key Performance Indicators that you should care about. Just three. Here's what's unique about them:

1. They don't measure what you do (that's just activity - anyone can do that).

2. They help you focus on leveraging the unique strength of this platform (it's not what you do, it's what "they" do).

Look at your own performance. Figure out what causes Conversation, Applause & Amplification Do more of that. Do less of everything else.

Image 1 and the data is from All my +:

Image 2 contains competitive analysis of my data with a "competitor" :) and guidance on what you should actually focus on.

These three metrics are just a start, more delightful data to come. To infinity and beyond!
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For those not on Google+

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Thunder moving in over Gotland
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