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Jesus fucking Christ what an unbearable piece of shit

A named fanout exchange with consumer binding their own durable queue explicitly to the exchange. A single message than goes to each queue bound to it. This way consumers are independent from the exchange and the queues will survive the consumer going down, they can delete their own messages willy nilly. Ultimately we'll probably want topic queues so consumers don't have to filter through everything.

I've never been one to delete old social network accounts (I still even have a MySpace), but I'm pretty damn close to deleting Google+ just so it will stop fucking with my contacts.

Testing that Plusbounce still works

class BigDecimal
def inspect
# Was that so hard?

I need to decide which is higher priority: LASIK or Accutane.

True story: I wanted to learn Street Fighter IV, but there were just so many combos!

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I think Gmail for iOS is actually pretty okay. I just wish it did lock screen notifications.

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Little known fact: I actually build web apps!

tpope@gideon:~% brew upgrade git
==> Upgrading git
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