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Latest designs - Ravens, Roses and Blue Stars
Raven and Red Roses Rose color can be changed on Spreadshirt - one of the reason I love using Spreadshirt - changeable coloring on a lot of designs.  Blue Star Kachina Inspired by the Hopi Prophecy of the coming 5th world and the end of this 4th world. © 20...

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All About Agates
Agates are micro-crystalline quartzes
within the chalcedony family of micro-quartzes. There are multitudes
of names for types of agates. Names vary depending on geographic
origin, coloring, special banding effects, and other characteristics. Flickr CC Licen...

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So What is a Druzy Anyway?
A druzy (pronounced droo-zee) is a fine crystalline textured stone. Druzy crystals are most readily found inside hollow geodes. The crystals can be made of macro-quartzes, such as amethyst or micro-quartzes such as agate. The agate druzy is a substance that...

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Yeah My Dog DOES have his own Facebook page
I didn't know but you can add a pet's page on Facebook - well hell yeah I'll add a page for each of my dogs!! I think I may only use Facebook AS my dog now, since I sometimes feel like giving up on the human race all together....Clinton and Trump really??!

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Free Plant and Flower Photography
Free Plant and Flower Photography Public domain photo albums added I am an amateur photographer, along with anyone with a digital camera these days I guess. I enjoy taking photos of plants and birds.  I have just released my collections of plant photos to b...

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Send in the Clowns: Clowns in Native American Traditions
Native American Clowns Before the arrival of white people from Europe, Native Americans from many tribes had clowns. Humor is an important aspect of Native life. Humor is actually one of the  Inupiat Ilitqusiat's values . Native Americans recognize that hav...

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New Bird Design Apparel and Gifts for Sale
 I started creating bird art t-shirt designs for my Spreadshirt shop . Birds and birding in particular has grown into a new hobby for me. I just love watching the birds at my feeders everyday and look forward to migration seasons for local species.  I also ...

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Don't Ever Log the Forest Ever: Forest Monsters, Cannibals and Banjos
Just finished watching Dark Was the Night, a nicely done horror film based in a fictitious logging town. I have named this recurring theme 'Don't Ever Log the Forest Ever', because there seems to be old scary things that should be left alone in there. Well,...
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