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Bernice Hopper
Child of God|Wife|Mother|Creative|Blogger
Child of God|Wife|Mother|Creative|Blogger

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Take a line for a walk
As a primary school teacher I frequently asked the children to 'take a line for a walk'.  This usually involved scribbling all over a page with a pencil and then colouring in the spaces.  Currently I am examining 'taking a line for a walk' in a sketchbook u...

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Last week I went to Stroud to visit the DIS/rupt textile exhibition and to do two workshops that were each run by a textile artist who had work in the exhibition. The exhibition was spread over two sites - the Museum in the Park and the Lansdown Hall.  This...

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Last time I told you about the mentoring days with Christine Chester and at last I'm getting round to tell you about my new, possibly risky, venture. I have been part of setting up of a new textile group with Cath, Deb, Dia and  Jan who I met on ExTex. Cath...

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The Way Forward
Reading through my last post R.I.S.K. it seemed to me to be a bit of a random wander through my current thinking.  I hope you could make sense of it.  It was certainly helpful to me to write it all down. I ended by saying that I spent 2 days being mentored...

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R. I. S. K.
For some of you RISK is a board game!  I don't play that!  The dictionary defines risk as putting yourself in peril or in danger.  I don't do that! I find myself fairly frequently talking to myself negatively.  Do you do that?  It isn't good for you.  It is...

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Dyary time
This year Dyan Reaveley introduce a new line of products - The Creative Dyary Collection .  I pre-ordered some of the products and fortunately they arrived by the end of February so that I could start my Dyary on March 1st. I started by checking out Dyan's ...

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Washington part 2
My earlier post on Washington DC finished with the cherry blossom in West Potomac Park. I walked through to the Martin Luther King memorial and on through to the National Mall.   I could see the Jefferson Memorial across the other side of the Tidal Basin. I...

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Washington D.C.
I left a very warm Florida for Washington DC which on the day of my arrival was covered in grey clouds and was very cold.  I arrived at Reagan International and had a very steep learning curve in finding out how to use Uber.  My suitcase weight was now very...

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We had a long drive from just south of Savannah to Cocoa Beach.   We had hoped to stop for lunch in St. Augustine but it was full to overflowing with people so we kept going.  We happened upon a roadside cafe (America doesn't really go in for these like we ...

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Hilton Head Island and Savannah
After our lovely time in Charleston we drove to Hilton Head Island.  In the evening we drove to Harbourtown for dinner.  We somewhat surprised to arrive at a gated community where we had to pay $6 to get in.  However, having paid our money we drove hrough i...
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